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A car, a house, and a marriage

22 Jan

Lots of stuff in the works in the Kluthe household–buying a second car and buying a house. We spent almost all day last Saturday looking at cars. It was fun and exciting for a few hours but then around 5:00, I hit a wall and just wanted to go home. I am the kind of person who looks until I find something I like that I think is a good deal. Then I just go for it. Travis, on the other hand, is the kind of person who wants to research and inspect every little detail. I was in a bratty mood for a while when we were car shopping but finally, it was over! We’ve narrowed it down to about 2 cars but Travis is making the call. I’m pretty indifferent to which one we get–he can decide as long as I don’t have to go shopping for them again!

We’re also wanting to buy a house. For it to work, we have to have one lined up by the beginning of June because our apartment lease ends August 6 and we have to give 60 days notice about what we plan on doing. I’ve found some cute houses online but you can only tell so much from 2-D pictures! I’m anxious to contact a realtor and get out there and see some properties! But that is another thing Travis and I differ on–he’s not sure about getting a realtor. I am reminding myself daily that God is in charge and He has the perfect house and timing already chosen. I am called to lift my requests up to Him and trust Him and the peace of Christ will guard my heart from having an emotional meltdown. I really like our apartment in Boulder. But it’s small and so far away from work and everyone we know! AND I am very excited to decorate our first house (and be able to enjoy it for more than a year at a time!)

Marriage is hard lately. I’ve been in a weird, cold, heartless funk. A lot of times I feel so indifferent toward Travis. I condemn myself for not feeling the way a newlywed is “supposed” to feel: giddy and in love. All I feel is reality–my life. It’s not floating in the clouds, everything’s coming up roses. It’s messy, chaotic, and busy. I started teaching English to a woman named Alma and we meet twice a week at her house in Erie. That has stretched the whole one-car thing to a new limit. We are more anxious than ever to get another car. I’m a little sad to get another car because it means less time that Travis and I will get to spend together. But it also means that we get some time apart, which I think will strengthen our marriage. You know the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I take Travis for granted a lot because I hardly ever experience his not being right next to me. It will be good to have some space so that we can appreciate our togetherness more.

Another weird thing: I woke up this morning with a huge cold blister thingy on my lip. It completely developed overnight–what the heck? It’s more annoying than anything…