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The Wild Rules!

25 Jan

Last night, Travis and I went to the Y and I did intervals on the treadmill. I walked for 1 minute at a 15-minute pace, ran for 2 minutes at a 10-minute pace, and ran for 1 minute at a 8.34-minute pace; then repeated that cycle. It was a good workout and I was definitely ready to be done after 30 minutes!

Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate back all the calories we had burned off. 🙂 I keep reminding myself that exercise is just as much about physical fitness as weight maintenance. My new guilty pleasure is boneless wings with Honey BBQ sauce. Usually I don’t like spicy things because of the mouth tingle they give you. But I love these wings! They are especially good with ranch and the tingle is just enough–any more and I wouldn’t be able to eat them.

We went to BWW to watch the Colorado Avalanche vs. the Minnesota Wild. It was such a good game. So many times the Avs got close to scoring but didn’t–sigh of relief. Minnesota won 3 to 2. Yay! It’s so fun to watch a really good game and then have your team win.

Now for the Superbowl, Travis and I are going to be cheering for different teams. I don’t really care about professional football enough to follow teams all the way through the season or even know what’s going on. But amazingly, I am aware that as of right now, the Patriots have a perfect record for the season. If they won the Superbowl, it would be a major record. So I’m cheering for the Patriots. Travis, on the other hand, is cheering for the Giants because, as he says, he doesn’t “like a dynasty.” He doesn’t want the Patriots to set that record. I think it would be cool!