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Picture Perfect Success

28 Feb

For my job as Creative Resources Coordinator, I work a lot with pictures of our resources. Who would’ve thought, right? Well, the whole desktop publishing/Photoshop thing isn’t my training. I know more about it than the average Joe (or Josephina in my case I guess) but overall, it’s been “Here’s what you have to do…figure it out as you go.”

So I was very proud of myself today when I made a collage of our conference preview incentives. I downloaded the product images from their respective websites, made a logo with transparent background, placed the logo on the product, made the product’s background transparent (that alone is a feat for me), AND placed all the products into one file as a collage. And the collage had an transparent background. Man I’m good!! At the end of it all, I really couldn’t believe that I had done it. I’m learning!

I also devoted my time tonight (since Travis is still gone) to updating my Picasa web album with all the pictures that had just been sitting on my computer that I never use anymore (because it is slower than molasses). So check them out! Voila–pictures galore!