Catching my breath

17 Mar

So the weeks since my last post have been a complete whirlwind. Work has been absolutely nuts. I go home every day with my brain hurting and my body physically exhausted. It is starting to slow down now, which is great because I can actually do things after work instead of just wanting to crash.

My grandpa died in February but we didn’t have the funeral until March 8th so that my brother Brian could come (he had been in Europe touring with a band called Land of Talk). So Travis and I flew to MN on Thursday and then back to CO on Monday. It was good seeing my family and our friends. We wished we could have stayed longer but Travis only got one day of bereavement leave–crap if you ask me.

Then I’ve been training for this darn half-marathon coming up on May 4th. That’s one of the hardest parts about training for a race–it takes up so much time! (I’m up to 5 miles now). One of the best parts about training for a race is that you get to eat a lot and not feel guilty (a 5-mile run alone burns 560 calories).

I’m also still teaching English to Alma and we have our care group and women’s accountability group. I finally have a busy life in CO! Travis is staying busy as well with care group, men’s accountability, running with me, and getting involved with Engineers Without Borders. He’s thinking about getting involved with the project they’re doing in Madagascar. The trip falls in May so I told him that if he went over our anniversary, I was going to come with. He also went to New Orleans with work and is now planning on going out to Las Vegas to see the site of the project he’s working on.

And good news! I have less than a week left until I can eat chocolate!! I have decided that instead of (or maybe in addition to…) a big sundae smothered in chocolate syrup, what I really want to treat myself to on Easter Sunday is a big stack of chocolate chip pancakes. Mmmmmm… my mouth is watering already.


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