Ready to run

11 May

I got new running shoes yesterday from the Boulder Running Company. I am so excited!!

The guy helping me had me try on about 6 different pairs, go run on the treadmill while they tape my feet, and then analyze how each shoe aids my foot strike, pronation, and lift off. I went with the Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax +11. That’s a mouthful.

I took them for a test run–literally–this morning. 4.35 miles and they feel great!!

Here’s what they look like:

nike shoe

I really love running in the mornings. If I didn’t have to leave for work by 7:30, I would run in the morning all the time (running at 5:00 is a little too early!) I went this morning before church though and just enjoyed being outside, getting some exercise. I also enjoyed being able to run without worrying about distance and pace. I timed myself just for the heck of it and found that I was actually running under 11 minute miles too! Comfortably! It was just one of those mornings that make me think “Man, I love running!!”

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