A weekend adventure

30 May

Travis and I are going backpacking this weekend with some friends. I’ve never been backpacking before but I got to buy a brand new backpack (it’s orange and I love it–out of all the backpacks I tried on during our 9-month “research period,” this one fits me the best by far) so I’m pretty pumped about that. I always love buying new stuff and using it for the first time.

Anyway, tonight we’re camping near the trailhead (and near our car) and then tomorrow we’re off on a 4-mile adventure. Not the longest hike but long enough for my first backpacking trip. I’m just a little worried about the whole food sitch. I tend to have a voracious appetite at times, especially out hiking. BUT like Travis said, nothing like a camping trip to make you lose a few. I’ll try reminding myself of that when my stomach is growling and tree bark is starting to look pretty tasty.

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