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I survived the hike!

1 Jun

But barely. Our first backpacking trip was fun but man, was it hard on the legs! I’m glad that the hike was only 3.5 miles because it was all uphill and I don’t think I could’ve gone much farther. My legs were jello by the time we got to our site.

But I did make it the whole way and we had fun. Friday night, we just camped at a site near the trailhead. We made s’mores over the campfire and laughed at Becky and Scott’s dog, Mader, who was an endless source of entertainment. Then Saturday, we headed up the trail around 9:00, got there around 11:45, set up camp, and then did nothing. We fished a little, I took 2 naps (yes, 2), we read, ate, played Yahtzee. If there was something I would do differently for next time, it would be to bring something more to do. I’ll admit it–I was a little bored. I think I’ll bring a good novel next time and find a spot in the sun to suntan and read.

Anyway, this morning we got up, ate breakfast, lazed around the campsite, and got going back down to our car around 10:30. By 12:30, we were at our car. By 1:45, were back to Lakewood (where the Allens live) and by 2:30, I was sound asleep on our bed in Boulder. Glorious.

I am excited for our next trip!