What I hate about moving…

1 Aug

Travis and I painted more last night and actually got quite a bit done. We painted the guest bedroom so that is done, except for the baseboards. We also painted the purple wall in the living room. It is now a celery green. But there isn’t an overhead light in the living room and we were painting it at sunset (and it faces east, not west) so there are a few minor spots that we missed with the roller. We’ll try to touch them up. The other wall in the living room that we were going to paint (to cover up some marks) we’re just going to touch up. The couch will go in front of the marks anyway.

Then Travis left for his hockey game so I started working on the trim. I finished one doorframe! Doesn’t sound like much huh? Actually, I got one coat on the closet and door frames of the MB, on the door frame of the GB, and on the door frame of the linen closet. Everything is going to take 2 coats so it’s just a long tedious process.

Tonight, we’re going to paint the office and try to get all the baseboards done in the rooms where we’ll have furniture against the wall. Then we’ll be ready to move in tomorrow and we finish painting over the next week or so.

A reassuring thought, though, while I’m busting my butt doing all this painting (I painted last night from 5 PM-11 PM) is that this is our permanent residence. We can live in this house as long as we want. And we don’t have to worry about our rent going skyhigh or landlords tweaking out. We can make improvements like this and ENJOY THEM for longer than a year! Seriously, I haven’t lived in one place longer than 2 years since moving to college. My freshman year, I lived in the dorms. Then I lived in a house my sophomore year. Then I lived in an apartment my junior year. Then I lived in another house my senior year and stayed there the year after I graduated (because Travis lived only 3 houses away!) Then I moved when we got married. Then we moved to boulder, Colorado. Now we’re moving to Wheat Ridge. And all that since 2002. Whew!

This is what I hate about moving:

Changing your address with the bank, school, work, credit cards, and places you never even think about until you get a forwarded letter in the mail that they had sent to your old address.

Having to throw out perfectly good address labels because you no longer live at that address.

Having checks with the address on them that you lived at 2 houses ago because you didn’t live there long enough to actually use up those checks.

Having mail go to 3 different houses at one time.

Going to all the work of making your residence liveable only to move out a year later.

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