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I love House

11 Sep

No, I’m not trying to impersonate Steve Carrell in Anchorman–I’m talking about the show House. It is by far my favorite TV show of all time, hands down. I don’t know why I like it so much but I do. I just love it–the intrigue, the wit, the mystery, the bluntness.

And just my luck, I discovered the other day while updating our Netflix queue that we can get all 4 seasons of House on DVD. I am beyond excited. But only 4 episodes come on each disc so each season is 4 whole discs. We only get one DVD at a time and watch about one DVD per week on average–so that is 16 weeks of House. Travis thinks that I’m going to get sick of it, but we’re 2 DVDs in and I can’t wait to get the next.

Season 5 starts this coming Tuesday at 6 PM Mountain Time and I am SO there…because at our house, we finally get a few good channels with the bunny ears! Like FOX, abc, and NBC. Woohoo!! As much as I am anti-TV (I think that it makes you waste a lot of time), this is one show that I can justify watching. House, here I come. 

Tuesdays are my new favorite days. 🙂