My parents are coming!

26 Sep

This weekend, my parents are going to be out here to visit me and Travis–for the first time at our new house! I am sooooo excited to see them. I’m not sure yet what we’re going to do but it doesn’t really matter–I know we’ll have fun regardless.

A few ideas I have though are:

1. Make dinner at our house tonight

2. Watch Season 1, Disc 4 of House

3. Go shopping for patio furniture (my parents want to buy us a housewarming present)

4. Take a drive into the mountains tomorrow to see the fall colors

5. Eat at Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs

6. See Greg Stier preach at Northern Hills Christian Church

7. Go to the GOSPEL Journey Maui Sneak Peek at NHCC on Sunday at 6 PM

That’s all I have for right now cuz they’re finally here!!

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