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Ode to CAK

14 Oct

Travis’ parents are in Colorado right now so that explains why I haven’t posted in a while. We were up near Granby for the weekend–they’re actually still up there but I had to come back to work (POO!)–and I did not have access to a computer. I have some awesome pics to post but I left my camera with Beth and Matthew (Trav’s mom and bro) so that they could take pictures of stuff if they wanted to (Lord knows I’m not taking any down here!) Once I get those pics, I’ll tell about what we did.

But right now, I am going to mourn. My boss Carol Ann Kelly (aka CAK) had her last day at our ministry on Friday. Her office is empty and it’s weird that she’s not here. To celebrate her memory (and explain why I’m so sad that she’s gone…because I realize that not everyone loves their boss like I do/did), here are some funny things about her:

I could hear her every once in a while in her office laughing at a funny email.

Even though her office was only 10 feet from my cube, she paged me on our phone intercoms–the funny thing was, when she didn’t get me, she’d just yell “Hey Kathy?”

She had her own language and “isms”–a few of which are (with sample sentences):

Ish: “That postcard drops October 24th-ish.”

Except not: “The Atlanta previews are this week…Except not–they’re really next week.”

Ness: “So the deal with the budget-ness is that we’re 59% over our allotted amount.”

So that’s fun: “Debb just told me that they want it done by Friday. So that’s fun.”

Whoopsy daisy: “We forgot to put in a PO for the Youth Leader Notebook. Whoopsy daisy.”

Brain dump: “I’m thinking we should just go to Starbuck’s for a brain dump fest.”

So here’s the deal: “So here’s the deal…we’re going to make these changes to the GOSPEL Journey Maui postcard…last ones I promise!”

She also got word and letter orders mixed up a lot. She’d say “Oback Barama” instead of “Barack Obama” and “Choy Sai Latte” instead of “Soy Chai Latte.” Instead of “a whole boatload,” she’d say “a whole buttload.” Instead of “put the pedal to the metal,” she’d say “put your foot to the pedal” or “put your metal to the pedal” or “put your foot to the metal.” The funniest parts came when she realized that she had messed up and said it again slowly so that she’d get it right…only to say it wrong again.

I realize it may sound like my boss is a woman who’s been sniffing the Ultra Fine Point Sharpies (her writing utensils of choice) one too many years… but CAK is a very intelligent, savvy, and strategic thinker. She sees the big picture and is not afraid to voice her opinions (and dissensions) 🙂

In addition to her wonderfully unique personality, CAK was a great boss. A lot of frustrating, unplanned, spur-of-the-moment stuff happens in our Marketing Dept but CAK kept us laughing and hopeful through it all, when it would have been really easy to get discouraged and crabby. She believed in her staff. She didn’t try to do our jobs for us or always need to have a say in everything. She trusted us and our judgment, which allowed us to grow and expand our horizons.

It’s the end of an era. I honestly don’t think our ministry will ever be the same without her. It’s not a bad thing–I know that we’ll survive without her but it’ll be different. Change is always hard–because the things you knew and loved get replaced with different things. The challenge is in accepting how the change is different and not trying to make it be exactly what the former was.

I love you CAK!