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Political Confession

5 Nov

I mentioned this in my post about voting for Obama but it has happened so often since then, I feel the need to blog about it again.

Conservative Republicans really get me fired up. I feel like I am viewed as “less of a Christian” because I have liberal ideals (just look at the comments from Russ on my post about Obama). Every time I hear a Christian voted Republican, regardless of why, I feel like screaming “You don’t need to vote Republican just because you’re a Christian!”

For the record: I don’t agree with abortion or same-sex marriage and I believe in the God of the Bible.

Maybe my problem is just that I don’t view abortion and marriage as big enough issues to sway me one way or the other and other people do. That would explain why I get angry when someone voted Republican for those 2 issues alone.

I mean, think about it. Individual states can make same-sex marriage and abortion illegal (look at Florida, California, and Arizona). And a very conservative President, who would have illegalized abortion and made a Constitutional Amendment about marriage if he could have–is just ending his term in office. You can’t get rid of all the Democrats by just having a Republican in office–so I don’t think Republicans would have any more success in banning those 2 things than they have had in the past 20 years.

I know plenty of Republicans and know that they’re not all self-righteous do-gooders. But some of them are. I read a blog post written by a female who is very staunchly Republican. In the same post, she declared her pride in being a Republican and bashed Democrats saying we would “cry and whine like little babies” if Obama didn’t get elected. 


Is that a very Christian attitude to have? Doesn’t sound very humble to me… I’m not saying that Democrats have everything figured out. I think they do take liberalism to an extreme on a few issues. But to say Republicans have it all figured out is JUST as proposterous, if not more. After all, aren’t they the ones “with Christian values”?

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway because OBAMA WON! Pfffffffttttt!!!

Obama won!

5 Nov

Whoop whoop! untitled

There are 2 other things I’m excited about. Because the election is now over, that means:

1. No more political ads, phone calls, canvassers, signs. YAY!

2. No more Bush in the White House (come January). YAY!