21 Nov

There’s nothing worse than having nothing to do at work. 

I’ve tried to think of things I could do. Filing? Nothing to file. Organizing? Already organized. Work on the website? Waiting for approval. Work on the postcard? Still waiting on concept. Put address labels on the Thank You cards? Still waiting for the Denver list.

The trouble is (and this isn’t his fault) is that Phil (my boss) has way too much to do. And he is looking for clarification/insight/direction/strategy from Debb and Greg (the VP of Ministry Advancement and the President, respectively), who also have way too much to do.

Ah, yes, the bottleneck. You are back again.

While the idea of having nothing to do at work is somewhat appealing in theory, it is downright loathsome in practice. I see my days tick away, nothing accomplished but sitting in a chair and getting stiff legs. How many blogs can I read? How many times can I change my desktop background? I have even contemplated decorating the office in handmade snowflakes. Hmmm…

My fear when I reach a point like this is that all the things that are bottling up now are going to break loose later. But at this point, I’d welcome a flood of to-do’s. Back in September, I was so busy that trying to stay at 40 hours a week (no overtime pay at our non-profit) became a struggle. We had conference preparations AND a new product launch all happening at the same time. And now? Nada pasa.

We’re kind of in this weird transition phase in the Marketing department. Our director left about a month ago (single tear still!) and then our PR Coordinator just left too (double single tear). Our Marketing Assistant is planning on leaving in January for grad school (though she might still work as a part-time contractor) and our Project/Program Manager only works 2 days a week. Besides me (the Creative Resources Coordinator), there is the Web Guy and our Interim Director, Phil. That is the D2S Marketing Department. Yikes.

What I am really praying for is that they hire someone for some position in the Marketing Department–and soon. I don’t want to be a one-woman Marketing Department. If they don’t hire anyone, I may just threaten to quit as well. We’ll see what happens then.

But at least then I wouldn’t be bored, huh.

One Response to “B.O.R.E.D.”

  1. thenonconformer November 21, 2008 at 3:45 pm #

    I hate life for it’s feasts, too much work

    or next it’s famines, no work
    and where i create valid work instead..


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