Christmas fun

7 Dec

Last night, Travis and I braved downtown Denver for the 9News Parade of Lights (the Colorado version of the Holidazzle parade). The traffic getting down there was crazy, parking was almost impossible to find, and there were people everywhere.

I remarked to Travis that it seemed like there were more people at this parade than the one back in Minnesota. He replied, “That’s because it’s 50 degrees outside instead of 15.”

Good point.

The parade had a few cool floats and several high school marching bands that were completely decked out in lights and tinsel. But in the middle of the parade, there was a 20 minute pause. Nobody moved. The marching band in front of us played the same 2 songs over and over while the tuba players spinned in circles.

Overall, the parade was fun but eh. Only Christmas spirit could make me want to go again (but isn’t that why these things are fun in the first place? I LOVE doing Christmas activities like that).

Today was Dare 2 Share’s Christmas party at Dave and Buster’s. It was a lot of fun. We watched clips of A Charlie Brown Christmas (which I have never seen…), listened to the leaders of each department talk about their staff members (something you can do with only 42 employees!), and ate dinner.

After the party was over, Travis and I stuck around to use the Power Card we got from the party as well as a few we had left over from my brother and sister-in-law’s rehearsal dinner. Travis is in love with the hunting games. He could literally play them non-stop. My favorite game is usually Skeeball but tonight, I found a new fave: trivia. I’m not very good at it (especially the sports questions) but it’s fun as all heck!

We also went in this wacky photo booth and found out what our future daughter will look like:

The composite of our faces for our future child

The composite of our faces for our future child

Matted hair aside, I think our “little girl” is very cute!

I also found out what I would look like as a Southern showgirl and a butch news anchor.

And these were the GOOD pictures!

And these were the GOOD pictures!

We had so much fun that I have to go to bed now.

But not before I say that I got my new Sketchers boots in the mail today and LOVE them. They’re a little tight around my ankles so I’m going to “test drive” them inside before wearing them anywhere but the cuteness factor is through the roof!! (I have been looking for boots for the past 2 years and have not been able to find ANY that I actually like…except for these! YAY!)

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