7 Jan

I found out Monday afternoon that, in addition to Mandee leaving for grad school, the other Mandy is leaving in March to help out with her husband’s company. So the people left in MarComm are me and…me.


Tristan is the only other person technically part of the MarComm department but he doesn’t help with mailings, advertising, PR, tradeshows, partnerships, strategy, etc.–in short, all the things that are now on my plate (and my boss’ too).

“Well at least you have job security,” Mandy said.

I guess…

I’m trying to not freak out; really, I am. I’m trying to trust the Lord with it  and believe that I can learn the ins and outs of PR and advertising in a month and a half. I can handle this.

I’m still freaking out a little. I mean, I’m in the department alone. Me. I AM the Marketing Dept. I feel overwhelmed and underprepared. I am daunted by the tasks ahead. But I’ve been reminding myself of Philippians 4:13–“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” So with the Lord’s help, I can get through this season.

But still, a little voice says…


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