My Valentine

13 Feb

I’m really excited for tomorrow. Travis usually takes the reins on organizing celebrations like our anniversary and Valentine’s Day (although last year, we didn’t really do anything. Travis did buy me red tulips though!)

Me and my favorite flowers (I love any color tulips)

Me and my favorite flowers (I love any color tulips)

Travis and his V-day present from me--a giant chocolate chip cookie that had "I'm Hot For You" written in red hots

Travis and his V-day present from me--a giant chocolate chip cookie with red hots for the letters

But this year, I did the planning (though I have told Travis what we’re doing so it’s not a surprise.) Since V-day falls on a Saturday this year, I wanted to make it a day long affair. So we’re doing a daytrip to Glenwood Springs. We’re going to leave here around 6:30 AM (to beat all the people going skiing) and go snowshoeing at Sunlight Mountain Resort. Then we’re going to warm up and wind down at the Yampah Spa with the Hot Springs Vapor Caves. We’re treating ourselves to a 45-minute mineral bath (in a japanese-style soaking tub with real water from the hot springs) and then drying off in the Vapor Caves (it’s an underground natural sauna).

After all of that fun, we’re going to head home for a special dinner. Here is the menu:

  • Baby spinach with dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, feta cheese, and raspberry vinegarette
  • Linguine with goat cheese, bacon, and butternut squash
  • Baked chicken breast
  • Raspberry-chocolate angel food cake
  • Champagne

I can’t wait to eat it!

After dinner, we are going to probably watch a movie. I’m thinking we’ll be pretty tired after such a full day so our evening will be pretty chill.

I’ll post pictures of the event (if I remember my camera!!)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!

2 Responses to “My Valentine”

  1. leah February 13, 2009 at 9:57 pm #

    Are you sure you don’t want to take me on your special day?! I love your plans! Nice work!

  2. autumnmornings February 20, 2009 at 4:53 pm #

    the mineral bath sounds divine & so does your valentine’s day menu! i know im a little late with my greeting since i fell off on the blogging wagon (but now im back).

    anyhooo, i noticed your site as a referrer when checking my stats. im excited to get to know more of you through your blog 🙂 ill be posting you as a link on my blog as well!

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