V-day Update

15 Feb

Look at me, being so on the ball! I got up this morning at 6:50 AM without an alarm clock!

Anyway, so our day yesterday was sooo fun! We left the house around 6:45 AM (a little later than we wanted to leave) and since we had to stop at Travis’ boss’ house in Evergreen to borrow a pair of snowshoes, we hit the ski traffic going up I-70. Boo.

All least the drive into Evergreen was beautiful.

All least the drive into Evergreen was beautiful.

All in all, it took us an hour longer to get to Glenwood Springs than it should have. But I really enjoyed the drive (despite the wet roads and aggressive drivers that almost made me crap my pants). Travis and I talked about Romans 5-6, about sin, death, justification, and Christ. Travis is such an intelligent, educated man and one of the many things that made me fall in love with him is his ability to have deep conversations about lots of different things. We definitely need to have talks like that more often.

Right before you hit Glenwood Springs on westbound I-70, you pass through Glenwood Canyon, a narrow canyon with steep walls on both sides and a river running through the middle. Due to the lack of space, the westbound lanes were built off the ground and the eastbound lanes were built next to the river.

(picture from Wikipedia)

Travis said it’s an engineering marvel. Whether it’s an engineering one or not, it definitely is a marvel of beauty.

Here are the pictures I took of it:



We made it to Sunlight Mountain Resort around 11:00 and after several trips back and forth from the car to the rental shop and bathroom, we got on the trail. Still with a Minnesota it’s-freezing-outside mindset, we had dressed in layers. We quickly realized that we were going to be way too freakin’ hot because it was about 30 degrees out and we were workin’ up a sweat. Even before we had set out, my legs were sweating underneath my Smartwool longjohns, Smartwool socks, and winter boots.

But to avoid yet another trip back to the car, I just took my jacket, mittens, and hat off and carried them for most of our hike. (And who was to say I wouldn’t want them later on? My body temperature can honestly go from being so hot there’s sweat beading off my forehead to being so cold that my lips are blue 10 minutes later. What gives?)

About halfway through our hike (and I say hike because there were several decent hills…we were breathing heavy for a while!), it started to snow. It was so beautiful. Perfect day.

Looking over at the ski slopes--notice I'm not wearing a jacket!

Looking over at the ski slopes

On the trail--it looped around to the other side of those trees

On the trail--it looped around to the other side of those trees

The happy couple

The happy couple

Why not steal a kiss in the snow?

Why not steal a kiss in the snow?

This is a hole in the snow over a little creek--see how much snow they have!?!?

This is a hole in the snow over a little creek--see how much snow they have!?!?

It really started snowing on our way back.

It really started snowing on our way back.

Just a pretty picture.

Just a pretty picture.

The trail ahead of us. The way back was completely downhill--so glad we went around the loop the way we did!!
The trail ahead of us. The way back was completely downhill–so glad we went around the loop the way we did!!

We got done snowshoeing around 12:30, ate our lunch of PB & J’s, then went and got ice cream at a shop called KaleidoScoops. We attempted a crossword for about 15 minutes, and then it was time to head to the Yampah Spa for our mineral bath and sauna time.

The spa was nice. We had to park about 3 blocks away and our “hostess” (the one who got our room ready for us) initially thought it was a mineral bath for one (luckily that was corrected–we paid for 2!), but overall, it was worth the money ($75 for a 2-person, 45-minute mineral bath in hot springs water and unlimited time in the Vapor Caves).
After our hostess, Suzy, showed us to our private room, we realized that our mineral bath was so hot, it was scorching. The water of the Glenwood hot springs is a natural 125 degrees. I could put my big toe in the water for about 10 seconds before the heat reached my pain receptors and Yowsa! After adding several gallons of ice cold water from the hose connected to the tub (and draining the tub a little so it wouldn’t overflow), it got down to about the temperature of a normal hot tub (101 degrees) and I could finally put my whole body in the tub.
Even then, by the time our 45 minutes were up, we had sweat rolling off our faces, our arms rested on the sides of the tub, and dousing ourselves with cold washcloths. HOT!
After our relaxing mineral bath, it was time for the Vapor Caves. Those caves are pretty stickin’ cool. They’re like an underground mine, only over 100 degrees and humid. Just sitting there, the sweat literally pours off you. They have little wash basins that you can fill with ice-cold water to help keep you cool–or else, you’d probably only last about 5 minutes. We stayed down there for around 15-20 minutes.
Even though I don’t find being overly hot and sweaty relaxing in the moment, I walked out of that spa feeling alive and invigorated. Which was good because I had to drive home. 🙂
Since we didn’t want to hit the ski traffic on the way back as well, we made a quick stop at Target (and bought Transformers the movie to watch last night) and then headed home around 4:50.
The drive back took about 2.5 hours (Vail Pass was really hairy) and we realized that by the time we got home and made dinner, it would be 9:00 PM. So we decided to postpone dinner until tonight, when we could eat at a normal hour and leisurely enjoy the dinner with candles and soft music (and not fall asleep in the middle of it!).
Instead of dinner, we ate dessert (the Raspberry Chocolate Angel Food Cake I made…there’s still more for tonight!) and popcorn and watched Transformers.
And that’s it! It was a wonderful day with my husband.

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