So much to read, so little time

14 Apr

I constantly feel like there are 500 books that I would like to be reading. And while I do read a good amount (I’ve read 11-ish this year so far), I don’t read nearly as much as I would like.

On Easter Sunday, I was all excited for the afternoon because I could just relax (finally!) and read. Well, I tried but I made it about 5 minutes into my book and was out like a light. For 3 hours. There went my good intentions.

I joke that my family has a special gene that allows you to fall asleep anywhere, anytime. My grandma Ruth, my mom’s mom, used to fall asleep looking at pictures or in the middle of telling you a story (I think she was quasi-narcoleptic).

My mom fell asleep in the waiting room of the orthodontist every time she came to pick me up. So much so that I finally asked her to wait in the car because she was embarrassing me (teenage insecurity…)

My younger brother, Chris, fell asleep in the dentist chair on his first visit ever.

My parents fall asleep 15 minutes into any movie, regardless of the time of day it’s being watched or what genre of movie it is.

I have been cursed with narcoleptic reading. The minute I start reading anything, my head is bobbing and swaying and I’m reading the same paragraph over and over again for 10 minutes, not comprehending a single word. I have to be sitting in an upright, uncomfortable chair with something in my hands to keep me busy in order for me to stay awake when reading something.

I’m amazed that I made it through college.

Or that I’ve ever read an entire book in my lifetime.

And this past Sunday, my nap wasn’t so much a nap as a sleep coma. You know that feeling when you’re so impossibly tired, that even when you try to wake up from a nap, your limbs feel like they’re filled with lead and your eyelids are glued shut?

Well maybe it’s just me.

Anywho, that’s how I felt on Sunday.

Back to my first point about having so many books I’d like to read, I updated my blog page entitled “Books I’ve read in 2009.” While I didn’t have many to add that I have already read, I did add several (like 25) that I would LIKE to read.

So if you know of any great, fantastic, non-trashy-novel books that you think I should add to my list, feel free to let me know!!

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