The gears are turning…

13 Nov

…in my head, that is. I’m really trying to not get overly excited about this… and I’m praying about it because I do believe that whatever happens is from God’s hand and is the best thing for us…

But it would really cool.

Travis found out about a job opportunity from a guy who visited one of his grad classes. The job pays quite a bit more than Travis’ current job–so much in fact that I would be able to leave Dare 2 Share.

I’m not chomping at the bit to get out of my current job but I have a love-hate relationship with it. Some days, I really LOVE my job. Like today–some of the leadership took me out to lunch to tell me how much they appreciate me and my hard work. I was very touched by it, even if I felt like I totally did not deserve it. (One guy, Spencer, said that I always have such a good, godly attitude… and I said thank you, but I don’t always have the best attitude on the inside!) But then there are other days when I feel so fed up with problems and drama that I want to throw the towel in on the spot and walk out.

So while I’m content with staying at Dare 2 Share if that is God’s plan for me, I’m not opposed to leaving either. My friend, D, is leaving D2S in December to work with a triathlon company. She travels to triathlons and running races all throughout the spring, summer and fall months. I had hoped there would be a position for me at the same company but due to a change in business plan, there is only contract labor available–still an opportunity I can take advantage of but as it stands now, I most likely wouldn’t make enough as a contract employee to be able to quit D2S.

But if Travis got a job that paid more, we would be able to afford me just doing contract labor. I would also have time to do more volunteering, seriously start writing my memoir, and maybe work part-time. There are so many possibilities…

The great thing about staying at D2S even if Travis gets this new job would be that we could pay off our debt significantly faster and then possibly start a family–right now, that is the big limiting factor on a lot of things!! Not sure if I’m ready for kids (I still feel way too young to be a mother!) but I do want to start a family in the next couple of years. 

We’ll see!

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