The Beast

15 Dec

I am typing this post on an 8-year-old IBM ThinkPad. Yes, you read that right… EIGHT years old. IBM doesn’t even make ThinkPads anymore (they outsourced to some Asian company). This computer is ancient.

But hey, it’s still working. It has seen some trouble (hard drive crashed 3 years ago) but thanks to my tech-savvy dad and brother, it is alive and mostly well. With a little TLC, it could have a year or 2 left in it.

You might be wondering, why? Why hasn’t that computer been sent to the dump a long time ago? Why would I resurrect such an old computer when we have 2 others in our household? Why now?

Well, exciting things are transpiring in my life right now. I have a very definite possibility of getting a new job that would allow me to work from home 50% of the time, at a friend’s, er my boss’ house 25% of the time and on the road 25% of the time. I would be working with another non-profit organization that organizes and times races (5Ks, marathons, triathlons) to raise money for other non-profits. I would be doing all of the marketing (direct mail, flyers, emails, etc), as well as potentially organizing volunteers and other stuff yet to be fleshed out. In addition to that, I would travel to all of the races that this company is either organizing or timing. Some of the races are local but a lot of them are in Utah. So I’d get to stay in hotels, work outside, wear pajamas, and have pretty much the whole winter off.

I’m pumped.

But since this job involves working from home, Travis find ourselves in a small dilemma. The best computer we have is our new laptop but Travis has been using that for grad school. So he wouldn’t want me taking that with me on the road. Obviously, a desktop computer isn’t portable either, which leaves this ancient laptop. For light tasks, like word processing and sending/receiving emails, this computer will totally work (though we need to get it a new battery because right now, it only has power when it’s plugged in… if you unplug it, it is out like a light.) Hence why I resurrected it.

I am also totally pumped to redo our office. If I’m going to be working in there 20+ hours a week, it needs help. It needs organization and reorganization. It needs a new desk and better workspace. It needs more light and a happier paint color (right now it’s a bright teal/ocean blue). It’s pretty but not the feel I’m going for.

I’m hoping to find out by this coming Sunday whether or not the job is being offered (If it is being offered, it has already been decided that it will be offered to me and I have already decided that Ih will be taking it). Cross your fingers!!

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