Doing a marathon

8 May

So I think I’m finally going to do it: a marathon. I had really wanted to do the Twin Cities Marathon, since the course is pretty and it would be easier for my family to come and watch. But now I’m toying with the idea of doing one in California. There are 4 different ones during the first 2 weeks of November that I would be interested in. And doing one in November (instead of the TC Marathon at the beginning of October) would be more desirable for many reasons.

One, I would be able to train longer. Right now, I can run 6 miles (which I just did today and I barely made it through). I saw Hal Higdon’s marathon training program is 18 weeks long and I actually have 21 weeks until October 3rd. But there are 4 weeks in there when I could potentially not be running at all (due to being gone and extremely busy those weeks for work). So that leaves me 17 weeks. Which is doable but not ideal. Waiting until November would give me back those 4 weeks. And I will definitely need those, since I think I’ll only be able to squeeze in 1-2 short runs + 1 long run a week due to my work schedule.

Moreover, our race season ends the 3rd week of October. So I would have a good solid 2 weeks to recuperate, relax, sleep and de-stress before the marathon. AND if we did one in California, we could squeeze a mini-vacation into it as well. And I’m pretty sure my parents would fly out to see me too (my bros probably wouldn’t).

So these are the races I’m looking at:

Santa Barbara Marathon & Half

Santa Barbara, CA

November 6, 2010

Eye-Q Two Cities Marathon & Half

Fresno & Clovis, CA

November 7, 2010

Morgan Hill Marathon & Half

Morgan Hill, CA

November 7, 2010

Run the River Marathon & Half

Folsom, CA

November 13, 2010

Travis would run the 1/2 marathon, so it’s convenient that all of the above have that option. Hmmm… my vote right now is for the Eye-Q Two Cities Marathon because it looks the coolest but the only drawback is that the closest city to Fresno that Southwest flies to is San Francisco. Not that San Francisco is bad (it would actually be fun to spend some time there) but it’s a 3 hour drive to Fresno.

And the beautiful thing is that November in California should be pretty nice. Could be on the chilly side in the morning but overall, should be pretty nice.

In preparation for the marathon, I’m planning on running a half-marathon and I found one on August 29th called the Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon. It starts at 7,500 feet up in the mountains and ends at 7,000. I like the sound of that! And the best part, it’s only $30 to register.

I’m totally pumped!! I’ll let you know which one I end up deciding on.

One Response to “Doing a marathon”

  1. Nancy May 9, 2010 at 7:48 am #

    It is great to hear that you are considering the Eye-Q Two Cities Marathon in Fresno, Ca., as it is truly one of the Nation’s finest marathons. Of course I’m slightly partial since I’m the Race Director. But if you need a reason to be convinced here are my top 10 reasons to run our event:
    1. You and your family can visit one or all of the three National Parks near Fresno including the crown jewel Yosemite National Park!
    2. All finisher’s receive a Hooded sweatshirt
    3. You will receive a Women’s long-sleeve Tech shirt.
    4. You will have an opportunity to meet and run with the Ultra-marathon man Dean Karnazes.
    5. We will spoil you with the Nation’s finest breakfast inside our finisher’s village. AND then top it off with our signature Ice Cream Sundae!
    6. If you are so inclined, you can celebrate your accomplishment inside our Michelob Ultra Beer Garden.
    7. As a marathon runner you will receive our 2010 marathon runner’s hat.
    8. As a first time marathon runner you will appreciate the support from our 1,400 volunteers, thousands of spectators as well as the many well-stocked water and aid stations.
    9. 5 of our official hotels are not only offering SUPER low marathon rates but offering free event shuttles to get you to our 2-day Expo and to get you to and from our Start and Finish area.
    10. With our fast and flat course you will have an excellent opportunity to achieve a Boston qualifying time.

    There are many direct flights from Colorado to Fresno on United and US Airways. Or you can catch numerous flights from San Francisco to Fresno if so desired.

    Hope we will see you and your family on November 7th! If you have any questions regarding either our marathon or Fresno please feel free in writing me directly!


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