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Undo buttons

19 May

Evidence that I’ve spent way too much time on the computer: the other day, I had pulled something out of a tight space to check it, knowing it would be hard to get back in. Once I had checked in and it was exactly what I had expected, I found myself wishing I could just press an undo button and have everything go back to how it was before I pulled it out.

Today, I was using our timing software, which is an ancient DOS-based program. No undo button in that sucker. Oh, how I wish for one though. Undo buttons make life so much easier.

But if life had an undo button, it would create a culture where people acted rashly without thinking at all about the consequences. If the consequences were negative, they could just press undo and then do it a different way.

But there are some times when I’d really like an undo button in real life.