Silent Sunday

26 Jul

Yesterday, I did something I had been thinking about doing for a while: observing a silent Sunday – no radio, no TV, no phone, no computer. (I did use my phone to call my mom however – but I think that’s an acceptable exception.)

I first noticed a difference when driving to church. My instinct was to mute out the silence by turning on the radio in the car. But I decided not to. I actually enjoy driving in silence.

Then I noticed when I got home from church and made lunch. Normally, I would turn the TV on for just a bit while eating lunch. But I enjoyed my meal instead.

Then after running errands, I again felt the urge to plop in front of the TV and just veg for a while. I instead read my book about marathon running and took an hour-long nap.

After my nap, it was time for a run. When I got back from that, I did some strength training and it was SO tempting to turn the TV on to distract me from the tedious task of situps, pushups, and squats. But I didn’t. I forged through distractionless and when I was done, I took a shower, made dinner, called my mom and then went to bed, where I read my book for another hour.

While I don’t know if I feel more peaceful without all the noise and distraction, I do know that I accomplished a heck of a lot more yesterday! TV has a way of sucking you and stealing your time. Just the fact that I thought about turning the TV on so many times throughout the day shows me that I watch TV way too much.

So I’m going to start a habit of this – one day a week of no technology (unless it’s talking on the phone to family and friends). Sunday seems like a great day for this, unless I’m driving home from a work trip – then music in the car is a NECESSITY and I’ll have to make it Silent Monday, although the alliteration makes Sunday more fun.

What will Travis have to say about this? I’m going to kindly ask (and nudge) that he does it with me for at least a couple of weeks. If at that point, he just can’t stand it, he can do whatever he wants as long as I don’t hear it or get sucked into it.

I really hope that I do end up more peaceful as a result of this – and that maybe I’ll end up with Silent Weeks (as least as far as the radio and TV are concerned.) 😉

One Response to “Silent Sunday”

  1. lalagt August 6, 2010 at 8:19 am #

    my husband and I did silent sundays for a long time and we got a lot more done too! Now we’ve moved in with my family and there is no silence on anyday of the week. 🙂

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