Frugal by choice.

2 Dec

I have always thought that being frugal seemed kind of like an adventure. Clipping coupons, mending old clothes, inventing new food utilizing what you already have in your pantry – these are the making of some really great stories. So when I’ve been thinking about the idea of possibly not having a job for a while at the beginning of the year, part of me secretly is excited (the other part realizes that being excited about that is slightly neurotic) about being forced to be frugal.

But after my recent conviction about my inordinate shopping habits, I have realized that I don’t have to be forced to be frugal – I can choose to be. There’s nothing stopping me from being frugal right now, except my own laziness and penchant for expensive things.

Example: I have recently discovered that 4 of my most favorite pairs of jeans have developed holes in immodest places. Holes that cannot easily be repaired. Making my jeans pretty much unwearable and worthless. It was to be expected – I’ve had these jeans for about 6 or 7 years now. On one pair, the denim in the butt area has been worn so thin, it feels like tissue paper (no surprise that is where the hole appeared).

Old Kathy would chuck those jeans and go right out to buy a new pair. New Kathy is going to hold on to those jeans (maybe make them into jean skirts or funky jeans with patches?) and make do with her 3 other pairs. Maybe it will inspire me to wear my dressier pants and skirts more.

Other ways Travis and I plan on cutting down on our costs is canceling our Netflix subscription (we were watching about 1 movie every month – not worth it) and canceling our internet at home. It’s roughly the same cost to have internet on our phones as it is to have it at home. We really don’t want to be spending money on both and we can tether our computers to our phones (for a slow but steady connection). So we’re going to save the $540/year. We are also going with a cheaper insurance plan. The deductible is higher and pretty much nothing is covered until you pay that but it is $1,500/year less expensive. Cha-ching!

At times, I don’t even recognize this me. In high school, I thought saving money was overrated (I know, who was I to know?). I never shopped sales racks, never clipped coupons (still is something I need to work on), and I bought whatever I wanted, regardless of price. But now, I am thrilled at the idea of saving money, LOVE finding a good deal, and get squeamish at the prices of some sweaters and jeans (even though they’re less than what I would have paid a few years ago).

Yay for being frugal! How are you being frugal these days?


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