Gearing up

27 May

Let’s try this again… Yesterday, I attempted this post but WordPress deleted 85% of the text. I was so discouraged and frustrated that I had to walk away… But I got smart this time and typed all of this in a Word doc FIRST! Take that WordPress.

One pleasant side-effect of my now having a job has been being able to buy some stuff that we had put off buying until I was bringing in a regular income. Things like:

New Tri Outfit

Tri Bike

Indoor Bike Trainer

Cute belt ($10 at Walmart)

Travis also bought a new rifle and a gun safe, which he is very excited about – he has admired his safe every day since he got it and spent 2 days installing it. If anyone wants to steal our gun safe, they will have to literally cut the house apart around it. In which case, Travis says, “If they go to that much work to steal it, they can be my guest.”

All that means, I am officially ready for the Boulder Sunrise triathlon that is taking place a week from tomorrow. (I can’t believe it’s triathlon season already!) I am equipped gear-wise with my tri clothes, wetsuit, running shoes, tri bike, race fuel, water bottle, sunglasses, and helmet. And I am prepared training-wise: my longest workouts so far have been 1,000 yd swim; 17 mile bike; and 5 mile run. I was supposed to ride 20 miles this weekend on the bike but it’s not going to happen. I think I’ll be fine.

After running 4.5 miles at lunch today and then doing some hikes this weekend, I will be officially tapering (which means I get to sleep in until 6 or 6:30 instead of getting up at 5!).  As far as my time goal for the race, back in 2009, I did a traditional sprint distance race (750 m swim, 12.4 mi bike, 5k run) and finished in 1:45. This race is the same distance, except the bike is 17 miles. I have a tri bike now, instead of the mountain bike I used before, but I also didn’t train as hard or as long for this race as I did for that one. So I’m shooting for under 2 hours. Here are the split goals:

Swim (750 m): 22:00

T1: 2:00

Bike (17 mi): 1:03:00

T2: 1:00

Run (5k): 31:00

Total: 1:59:00

Goal details:

Swim: The swim time is based on what I have been doing in the pool, since learning the front crawl. My previous race time for 750 meters was 19:57 doing the breaststroke but I discovered that I can’t do the breaststroke and wear a wetsuit (the buoyancy works against you). Since the water is probably going to be around 60 degrees, I really want to wear my wetsuit. Ergo, I learned the front crawl and will be doing that stroke, even though I’m slower at it (my theory is that I’m slower at the front crawl because my upper body is fairly weak and my lower body – which is used more in the breaststroke – is stronger. I am planning on starting upper body weights after these two June triathlons to increase my swim speed.)

T1: This goal is ambitious, since even when I didn’t wear a wetsuit, T1 took me 2:14 (with a wetsuit, my previous T1 time was 2:40). I plan on practicing that transition next week.

Bike: I’m pretty sure this is doable, if not beatable, since I rode 16.7 miles the other day in 1:04 and was going slower than I would have if I hadn’t been with my husband who was not in biking shape and was also riding a mountain bike.

T2: This goal is totally doable – my previous times for T2 were 0:59 and 1:09.

Run: A more realistic time might be 32:30 or 33:00, since my training runs have tended toward the 10:30-11:00/mile pace. But I’m shooting for a 10:00 pace!

Based on last year’s results, my goal of 1:59:00 would put me almost directly in the middle of women finishers, as well as my age group (F2529), which is typical for me. I checked the weather today for race day (6/4) and even though it’ll probably change before then, it’s promising: 76 degrees, partly sunny, with wind from the south at 11 mph. That would be almost perfect!

The weekend after the Boulder Sunrise is the Greeley Sprint Tri (500 m swim, 10 mi bike, 5k run) and then my plan is to start preparing for an Olympic triathlon in August. My tentative plan is to do the Leadville Tri-It-High Sprint Tri on July 17th and the Steamboat Springs Oly Tri on August 28th. Both of those races will be at elevation (10,200 ft and 6,400 ft respectively) so they will be challenging races and I’ll have to find a way to train a bit in the mountains. The Leadville race would also be my first pool swim (thankfully we don’t swim in a mountain lake — it’d be freezing!)

It’s shaping up to be an exciting summer of triathlon adventures!

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