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The best smell EVER.

8 Jun

You can spot Russian Olives by looking for the bush/tree things with very light green leaves.

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Russian Olive trees. Which is good because at this time of year in Colorado, you smell them everywhere. I smell them in parking lots, on runs, walking in to work, in my car on the way to church, in my backyard – and every time I do, I stand there with my nose in the air like a hound dog or the mouse on Ratatouille, waving my hand in front of my nose to prolong my savoring of the scent.

Seriously, if there were such a thing as Russian Olive extract (there isn’t, I’ve checked), I would make potpourri, infuse my pillow cases, sprinkle my carpet, baste my walls, and wash my clothes in it. I honestly don’t think I could ever get sick of it.

Mmmm... Russian Olive

You might be wondering, why doesn’t she just plant a Russian Olive tree in her backyard and serenade it with love songs?

Well, I’ve thought about that but the thing is, they’re considering a pest plant. They use a lot of water, have long nasty thorns, and just aren’t a tree you would really want to plant in your own backyard. (Not to mention the task of finding a nursery that would sell them! Maybe I could just transplant one from the open space near my house…)

So for now, I’ll just get a good whiff (or two or three) of them whenever I step outside. I only wish its blooms were fragrant all year long!