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Thwarted again.

8 Jul

Yesterday, I finally biked to work for the first time ever. I had forgotten to bring my clothes to work the day before so I had to bring a big backpack with my clothes, toiletries and makeup, bike lock, lunch, and towel (I wasn’t sure the locker room had ones that contractors could use – we kind of get the shaft around here – but they do). So my backpack was a little on the heavy side but it has the straps that go around the waist and across the chest so it didn’t move around too much.

I only took 2 wrong turns, which were quickly corrected. I’m sure that I would’ve been very lost if I hadn’t driven the route beforehand so that I knew generally where I was supposed to be going. The part that was the most confusing was being on the bike trails (though it was also the most enjoyable because there were no cars to worry about).

The most notable part of the ride? The hills. Holy crap. I got dominated. It was sheer grit and stubbornness that got me up those hills. (For those of you who are intense bikers, you probably think I’m a wuss to whine about a 3% grade that lasts for 1.5 miles but for me, it was hard! It probably didn’t help that I had done squats and lunges for the first time in 5-6 months the day before and woke up very sore.) According to MapMyRun, there are two main climbs on this route: on Carr Street (above) and then on Simms Street (below).

Carr Street was the shorter, but steeper of the two. I was huffing and puffing and seriously considered walking my bike. But I didn’t. This is when doing endurance sports is purely mental. Your entire body is saying STOP but you keep pushing. It was nice to have a bike lane on this hill, just in case I was a swerving spaz.

 The hill on Simms was not so kind to me though. Giant hill, no shoulder (see pic – though it doesn’t do the hill justice). As cars were whizzing by at 50 mph and I was trying to not swerve either in front of one or into the gravel shoulder, I was repeating Jerry Seinfeld’s bit on scuba diving to myself: “Just don’t die… don’t die, don’t die, don’t die… there’s a rock, there’s a fish, who cares… just don’t die…” 

I didn’t die. And I made it to work on time, though it took me 1:13:25 to go 13.8 miles.

But when it came time to bike home, this was the sky:

I was still going to bike home, even after Travis told me it was raining in Golden. It wasn’t raining in Broomfield at that very moment so my stubbornness kicked in and I decided it would be an adventure.

I had just gotten my sweaty bike gear back on (note to self: don’t forget to bring an extra sports bra to work next time! EW!) when Travis called back and told me about tree limbs being ripped off, flash flood warnings, 40 mph gusts, and rain everywhere. “I’d feel a lot better coming to pick you up,” he said. “FINE!” I raged.

Let me explain my horrid reaction: My sensible self appreciated my husband’s concern and willingness to drive 30 minutes one way to come pick me and my little ole bike up. My nonsensical self wanted to bike home at all costs. I had been thwarting in my first attempt at biking to work and now this? I would not allow it. Sensibility (and my husband) won the day. And I will say that I was very happy (later) that I did not bike home. It would’ve been miserable and probably deterred me from ever riding my bike in to work again.

While we were up in that neighborhood with the car, I suggested we get Chick-Fil-A for dinner. So we did. It was delicious (though I’ll warn you to not get their Chicken Caesar wrap if you don’t like massive amounts of Parmesan cheese – I like it but not that much so I ended up eating only 3/4 of it).

After tidying up the house in preparation for cleaning it tonight for our BBQ tomorrow, I went to DSW and finally bought my new sandals!

After trying on something like 15 different pairs and styles, I decided these would work well with both black and brown tones, they have a slight heel and some good cushioning (advice from my friend B), and they’re freaking cute. They do feel very different than flip flops, since there’s nothing to hold the front of my foot in, but I’m sure I’ll get used to them.

I saw a few of the different options I had been looking at online in the store but after trying them on, realized that they either didn’t fit my foot well or I didn’t like how they “wore”. So I’m glad I went to the store instead of buying online! That’s generally the way I operate. I usually only buy stuff online after trying it on in a store. But I do make exceptions if it means I get a good deal and free shipping.

Here’s a pic of my feet in my new sandals: