Weekly Recap: 7/11 – 7/17

18 Jul

I had an awesome birthday weekend. I left work early on Friday to go get a pedicure. The owner of Arvada Nail Shoppe stayed late just to squeeze me in and it was seriously the best pedicure I’ve ever had. She was so attentive and friendly and didn’t cut corners on anything. That pedicure made my day. After that, we went out to eat at Rock Bottom Brewery, then bowling, then finished off with some ice cream from Coldstone (I got the Birthday Cake Remix with yellow cake added in. SO delicious but also SO rich).

Saturday, Travis and I drove up to Frisco and biked to Breckenridge and back. I’ll post pictures and more details later but the ride was mostly flat and very enjoyable, minus the hoards of people. We biked the 20 miles in 1 hour 22 minutes (including stops for photo ops). Then we went to a friend’s barbeque for a couple of hours, and then to the Rockies game (game 3 of 4 against the Brewers). It was the most intense baseball game I’ve ever been to. The umpire made a bad call (Travis watched the replay later which proved it) and the Rockies catcher and manager argued with the call so much that the ump ejected them. The manager even kicked dirt on home plate, which I understand is like spitting in his face. I thought it was hilarious because the manager had such pronounced body language that it looked like he was Charlie Chaplin in a silent movie. And of course, all of the Rockies fans booed the ump for the rest of the game. This was also pretty much the first Rockies game I’ve ever seen the end of. Usually we leave in the 7th inning stretch.

Sunday, we went to Panera, church and then out to eat at a Mexican restaurant called Tacos Junior with some friends. I had a Gringa Torta that was ham and some other kind of meat like pepperoni with cheese, pineapple, and avocado. It was pretty good. After some housekeeping (laundry, vacuuming up the massive clumps of dog hair), I took a 2-hour nap. Travis and I took the dogs to the dog park since they had been cooped up all day Saturday during our festivities and we visited our friends D and Doug on our way home. All in all, it was an awesome weekend.

On to the training recap…

Monday: BRICK: 10 mile bike in 37:37, 2 mile run in 17:49, upper body weights + abs

I did this brick with Travis at the Rec, since this was the Week of Rain in Denver. I totally rocked the run, doing the first mile in 9:00 and the second mile in 8:50. That is my first sub-9:00 mile since 2009. It is quite possibly the third sub-9:00 mile I’ve done ever. I was pretty pumped. I’ve noticed that I run faster after a bike ride. Maybe that should be my new racing strategy…

Tuesday: 1500 yd swim, 1.97 mile run in 22:00

I went swimming at night and to my chagrin, the swim team was there and only two lanes were open for lap swimming. Ugh. I had to circle swim with several other people for about 3/4 of my workout. So while I swam harder than I would have normally, I didn’t have the mind to keep track of my pace like usual. So who knows if that extra effort translated into any extra speed. I did the 2 mile run with the pooches, who annoyed me as always.

Wednesday: 20 mile bike in 1:18:47

I did the first 12 miles of this ride on the trainer, doing a pyramid interval (.5 mile at easy pace, .5 mile at increasingly harder pace until halfway then working back down). The last 8 miles I did on the road with Travis. We had to adjust our ride due to the massive puddles from the exorbitant amount of rain we’ve gotten in the past week but I got the miles in (rainy weather be damned!) and that’s all that matters.

Thursday: 2000 yd swim, lower body weights

In an effort to do more breaststroke, I did 4 x 100, 200 drills, 2 x 600 (1 fs, 1 bs), 2 x 100. 600 times were 17:15 (fs) and 15:?? (bs). For LBW, I did 2 x 10 reverse lunges, 2 x 10 one-legged squats, 2 x 15 calf raises, 2 x 10 front leg pulls, inner/outer thigh pulls with resistance band. I tried to not overdo it like last week (which I succeeded at because I wasn’t sore the next day).

Friday: 4 mile run in 46:05, foam roller

My legs were noticeably tired from the very outset of this run. (Reason #1 why I’m super excited to get these compression pants for my birthday. They should be coming soon!) I did the first 1.5 miles with the pooches and the last 2.5 by myself. It’s amazing how much work it is to run with the dogs.

Saturday: 20 mile bike in 1:22

This was our bike ride from Frisco to Breckenridge and back. The elevation gain is only 646 feet, so while we could tell that we were going uphill on the way out (averaging 13 mph – my legs were still tired) and downhill on the way back (averaging 20 mph), there was only 1 bad hill that left me panting. This ride also encouraged me that biking shouldn’t be that bad at 7,000 ft, since this ride was at 9,100-9,500 ft. Next ride to tackle: Frisco to Vail Pass. Significantly harder.

Sunday: Rest day

Yesterday, I figured my time would be better spent resting than forcing myself to do a 6 mile run on tired legs. I figured the same thing this morning. 🙂 But I’m going to do something tonight – depends on my schedule and the weather but it’ll either be the 6 mile run I forewent this morning or a 20 mile bike ride.

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 3500 yds

Bike: 50 miles (Yay!)

Run: 7.97 miles

I feel pretty good about my workouts this week. I got way more biking miles in, did my strength training workouts, and some solid runs. The weekly summary on my heart rate monitor said I had spent 7 hours and 22 minutes working out, burning 2600 calories (though I’m pretty sure it was more because the battery on my sensor needs to be replaced). That’s a lot of working out!

We leave for our week-long vacation to Minnesota this Friday afternoon and I’ve been trying to brainstorm how to get some workouts in while we’re gone. Swimming and running shouldn’t be a problem, since we’ll be on the lake and country roads a lot. Travis’ hometown, Nevis, also has a really nice bike trail but we’re wondering if it’s worth it bring our bikes 1,000 miles one way for 1 or 2 rides. What do you think – is it worth bringing our bikes to MN? Or should we just concentrate on swimming and running for the week?

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