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Birthday Presents!

11 Aug

One side effect of having oodles of downtime at work has been a growing list of things I find that I want to buy. And it has grown faster than my paycheck. So I made a list of things I was looking at and casually sent it to Travis, saying if anyone *happened to* ask him what I wanted for my birthday, he could tell them those things.

So while my birthday presents this year weren’t really a surprise, they were exactly what I wanted. And I am very thankful to those who gave them to me!

Here’s what I got:

New running shorts and tanktop from my mom and dad. They are the Run Lux II Short shorts and tank from Saucony and they are awesome. The fabric is really soft and the shorts don’t ride up at all. I even wore them for my 7-miler last week and still love them! Both the tank and shorts also have small zipper pockets for stowing keys and chapstick. (I wear a medium in both.)

Sugoi Women’s Blast Tri Tank from Travis’ family and New Balance Women 2 Go capris from my parents. Love and love!

I’m a huge fan of the big pocket and reflector details on the back of the tank. The capris also have a pocket on the outside back and inside front. (I also wear a medium in both of these.)

I am planning on wearing my new tri top for the Olympic Tri (coming up in about 2 weeks!) and can’t wait until the weather cools off a bit so I can wear the capris for running (they’re cute enough that I can just wear them around too).

And they have magic powers to make your butt look good.

And last but not least, my present from Travis: 2XU compression tights (I don’t have a picture of me wearing them but they are just as tight as the capris, only the legs are longer).

I have worn these to bed about 4 times and I really believe that they help my legs recover from hard workouts. I wore them last week after my 7-miler when my legs were really sore. When I woke up the next morning, my legs felt almost brand-new. Other times, I’ve noticed that while my legs are still a little sore from hard workouts, they’re not as tired. These will also be great to wear for running in the fall/winter! The only thing I’m not wild about with these tights is that they only come down to a couple of inches above my ankles, so they’re not as long as I would like. Otherwise, I think they’re definitely worth the pretty penny they cost.

I had decided I wanted the Vensah compression tights because they don’t have the goofy X’s all over them but I didn’t like the waistband on them (too much muffin top action). The waistband on the 2XU tights fit me much better.

I love getting new workout clothes! With the exception of a new tri outfit at the beginning of this season, I haven’t bought any since last spring! Thanks Mom and Dad, and Al and Beth, and my hubby Travis! I’m so fortunate to have such generous parents, in-laws and spouse!

{These are my honest opinions and I am not being compensated in any way – my family spent their hard-earned money on these presents!}