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Training Recap: 10/31 – 11/6

8 Nov

Last week was the first week that I actually (almost) did all the scheduled workouts in my marathon base training plan, even if they were juggled around.

Here’s the breakdown:

Monday:  45 min Burn n Firm Pilates video (this gets my heart rate up so it counts as cardio and strength training)

Tuesday: 3.5 mile recovery run with pooches (41:20, 11:48/mile)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2.58 miles of sprint intervals with pooches (29:35, 11:37/mile)

It might sound difficult to do sprints with 2 dogs but they actually motivate me to run faster because they’re speedy little bullets. They’d blow me off the line any day.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5.05 mile easy run (56:30, 11:11/mile)

Sunday: This circuit workout from nhershoes

I actually did 30 man pushups! This was a great, quick workout and gives me hope that I might like Crossfit…

And even though yesterday technically isn’t supposed to be included in this recap, I have to say that it was quite possibly the most intense running workout I have ever done.

Travis and I went to the rec around 8:45 and since I was scheduled for 3 miles of speedwork, I decided to take advantage of the track and do half-mile repeats. I warmed up for .5 mile, then settled into a speedy but maintainable pace and ran the first repeat in 4:30. According to the McMillan Running calculator, I am supposed to be able to do them in 4:15. Well, that was not happening. I did manage negative splits for the next 2 repeats: 4:27, 4:20. And I was on course for another negative split on the last repeat – running my little heart out and ignoring the pain in my chest telling me STOP. I had less than 80 meters left and all of a sudden, I thought I was going to puke.

I wanted to push myself to finish but my manners and pride got the better of me (“Uh, I threw up on the track because I ran too fast…”) and I stopped for a few seconds. I felt better so I jogged to the water fountain (where I stopped my watch) and then finished the repeat at 4:23. So I was probably on pace for a 4:15 or faster.

My friend D once said that you know you did speed work correctly when it makes you puke. I hate throwing up so I don’t think I’ll ever push myself that far. But I got close! I feel like a BA.

I really enjoy doing repeats. Yes, they’re hard. No, they’re not “enjoyable.” But I like running fast. Like I’ve said before, it’s not something I experience very often. 🙂 So here’s my new mantra:

Have you ever thrown up from a workout?