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Christmas Postcards!

6 Dec

I am slowly but steadily chipping my way through my to-do list. A big check: ordering Christmas cards. This year, I was inspired to design my own postcards and order them from Not only do I save on postage because I can use postcard stamps instead of letter ones, but I also only spent $25 on 100 full-color, glossy front postcards. That is a deal if you ask me. 

I’m crossing my fingers that the post office won’t throw a hissy fit about the postcards not having a return address. I would’ve added one, except the type was pretty small already and I didn’t want to cut the letter down. So I think I might brave the long post-office lines to make sure that the postcards are acceptable. Otherwise, they will be going in envelopes – which isn’t the end of the world, because then they’ll just end up being around the same price as if I would’ve just ordered regular photo cards from Walmart.

I went grocery shopping last night and didn’t get back home until 7:30. And since we had gotten up at 3:30 Denver time, I just unpacked and tidied the house and then went to bed. Tonight: shopping for Christmas tea centerpiece and putting up our Christmas decorations! Twinkling lights make me happy.

{Update 12/22/11: I received my postcards on the day I expected, they did a great job printing them, but I only received half of my order. I called Overnight Prints the next day and explained the situation. They apologized, reprinted the part of my order I was missing, and sent them out UPS 2-Day Air, free of charge. So while the process wasn’t flawless, they did remedy the situation very quickly and I was still able to get all my postcards out for Christmas.}