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January Goal: Forego sweets for an entire month.

2 Jan

Like most people, I ate way too many sweets over the holidays.

And while I didn’t gain any weight (how did that happen?), I have been feeling on the verge of getting sick for a couple of weeks – which, I believe, is caused by my increased consumption of sugar. This article, among others, says that sugar can suppress your immune system.

Also, in the book The End of Overeating, David Kessler talks about our body’s response to sugar, fat and salt – our brains become wired to seek more of those things the more we consume them. I have found this to be true – the more I eat sugar, the more I crave it. The less I eat sugar, the less I crave it.

I wrote that my goal is to “Forego sweets for an entire month.” What do I consider sweets?

Sweets are anything that have a high level of sugar and provide no nutritional value, such as:

  • all candy (not including gum)
  • all cookies
  • all foods involving chocolate (I know that dark chocolate has some nutritional value, but that’s not the point here)
  • all pop (even diet)
  • all ice cream (even froyo)
  • all foods made of white flour, sugar and butter
Pretty much everything that would or could be considered dessert.

What is not included is the coffee creamer and 2 packets of sweetener I drink with my coffee every morning. It has nutritional value: keeping me sane. 😉

Unfortunately, I have already failed at this goal. I forgot that yesterday was Jan 1st, so I had 2 Godiva chocolates after dinner.  (whoops) But I won’t give up just because of that. I’ll still do it for a month (ending on Feb 2nd then instead of the 1st).

In conjunction with this goal, I signed up for the Food Journal Challenge hosted by Amanda at Run to the Finish.

I also failed at this yesterday (can I be excused because I felt sick?) but will start today. I hope that this will help me be more mindful of my food choices, so that I can respect my body as God’s temple. Today, I will Take Stock of where I am eating-wise and go from there.

How are you feeling after the holidays? Any goals for January?