Training Recap: 1/9 – 1/15

16 Jan

Can’t believe it’s Monday already!

My Saturday was pretty standard: grocery shopping, house cleaning, long run, watching the Broncos get slaughtered.

Sunday was also pretty typical: church, lunch with friends, laying around watching TV. I was also productive in the kitchen for the first time in a while – I made banana bread using this recipe. Because of the altitude, I baked it at 325 for 1 hr 30 minutes (thanks to a note I had written on the recipe from last time I used it) instead of what they recommend and it turned out delicious.

I also made this zucchini soup that we’re going to eat tonight for dinner and boiled some eggs for salads this week thanks to the wonderfully precise and helpful instructions from Reluctant Entertainer. The eggs turned out well and they peel really easily, which was always the thing that prevented me from boiling eggs in the past. (Who has 10 minutes to spend peeling an egg?)

After a only-mildly-unpleasant dentist appointment this morning, I have been looking over my workouts from last week and am completely baffled. I took three rest days last week? I only ran 10 measly miles? 7 of which were during my long run on Saturday? No wonder it felt like crap.

Seriously, has this ever happened to you? I have no idea what I did last Monday night. My heart rate monitor and both say that I didn’t run. But why? And if I did take a rest day on Monday, why did I also take one on Wednesday and Friday? The ironic part was that our Wednesday night commitment was canceled so I even had an extra free night!

Apparently, the light upstairs was burnt out last week.

But I will say, I was exhausted last week. Probably because the week before, I had a record week – my total workout hours reached almost 5 and I burned 2,500 calories. I don’t think I’ve spent that much time training even for the Olympic triathlon. So maybe my body deceived me into resting?

Whatever happened, here is last week’s training.

Monday: Rest day?

Tuesday: 3.22 mile hill run (38:12, 11:51/mile)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20 min spin bike, 15 min incline walk on treadmill, 15 min walk with dogs outside

For my 20 minutes (and 2nd time ever) on the spin bike, I alternated 1 minute easy, 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 1 minute RPM over 100, etc. Got out of the saddle a couple of times, which brought my heart rate over 170! Great workout. I would like to try a spin class but haven’t really made the effort or commitment.

On the treadmill, I started off at 4.0 mph at 4.0 incline, worked up by .5 increments to 6.0 incline, alternating between 4.0 and 4.5 walking pace every minute. Also a good workout!! (But now I realize that I did two hill workouts in a week… aye aye aye).

Friday: Rest (although I did do some light strength training at my PT appt and my hip flexors were still sore Saturday)

Saturday: 7.11 mile run (1:21:17, 11:26/mile)

I actually took the dogs with me for 5 miles on this run. I was hoping it would wear them out for our football party and it sort of worked (they tuckered out sooner, I think). My legs were sore and tired from the PT exercises I had done Friday morning and my legs were ready to be done after 4 miles – although I felt it a lot in my calves and they didn’t get worked at PT.

I think I also went out too fast because I did the first mile in 10:56. It was hard to tell how fast I was going with my sore legs so I was trying to just go at an easy pace. All that said, I’m satisfied with the run overall. If I kept that pace for the entire half marathon, I would still PR!

Sunday: 30 minute Tabata workout


This week, I am aiming to be more diligent about going to bed on time. That means I will have to do my workouts either at lunch or right after work, instead of eating dinner and then going to the gym later. Whenever I do that, I get to bed too late. And when I don’t get enough sleep, I feel like a zombie who wants to eat every refined carb in a 5 mile radius. That’s what happened Thursday night. Not pretty.

How does being tired affect your workouts/training?

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