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Training Recap: 3/5 – 3/11

12 Mar

The weather this past weekend was absolutely wonderful. Sunday after church, I went shopping at Gordman’s and found 4 cardigans for $5 each, as well as some basic tanks without shelf bras for $5 each. I love finding bargains! And now that it’s getting warmer outside but stays the same temperature in my office, it’ll be nice to have some cardigans to throw on over my summery tops.

After that, I went to a Silpada party, thrown by a lady I work with. I went planning to spend $50-60 and ended up deciding on this necklace:

There are so many pretty options to choose from, but I tried to buy something that I loved, that wasn’t like something I already have, and that would go with almost everything. This fit the bill!

While I was at the party, I ate more than my fair share of chips and guac, and I had a couple of margaritas. It was a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather. On the way home, I stopped and got Yogurtland. I was so full after that, I didn’t anything else until 9:00! (It was totally worth it.)

Anyway, on to last week’s training. It was a decent week, though as I look through my workout notes, I see remarks each time about my legs feeling heavy and tired. More on that in a bit.

Monday: 3.15 mile easy run (34:47, 11:02/mile)

Tuesday: Rest (day of the 12 hour meeting)

Wednesday: Rest (planned)

Thursday: 3.24 mile fartlek run (34:34, 10:40/mile)

This was the day that my legs felt the weirdest. My right leg was really stiff, and it seriously felt like I was running on someone else’s legs, or on fake legs. Just so weird. I think my body was freaking out a bit from Tuesday and Wednesday.

Friday: 4.53 mile tempo run (48:13, 10:38/mile); Insanity Strength Exercises

I ate 3 pieces of chocolate-covered licorice and 2 Starbursts before this run, even though I knew I’d regret it. And I did. Luckily, I also remembered to eat some Tums so no acid reflux, but my stomach was a little off.

Then I did the Insanity fit test exercises listed on nhershoes and that definitely got the heart rate soaring! I was amazed at my ability to do the Pushup Jacks until I re-watched the video afterward and realized that I had forgotten the pushup part. Whoops.

Saturday: 5.36 mile trail run (1:21:09, 15:08/mile)

Sunday: 2 mile walk with pooches (35:00), 40 min upper body weights (video)

I was going to do yoga again on Sunday like I did last weekend, but I figured it was a bad sign when five minutes in, my legs were already burning. So I did the upper body and core portions of Kathy Smith’s Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2 (BTW, this is a GREAT weights video – I don’t think I’ve ever not felt like jello afterward.)

Total Running Mileage: 16.28 miles


So about those legs. I did an easy 3 mile jog today at a 12:00 pace and even that felt challenging. My legs are just exhausted. So I’m going to listen and take it easy until I’m not feeling like my legs are filled with lead – I think my legs are saying they need a little bit of a break. AND it probably didn’t help that I did a challenging trail run on my stepback week. heh.

I also crammed my 3 hard runs into Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of last week, and grouped my rest days together, both of which aren’t good. But life happened last week and it was all I could do. I am thinking through how I can be more of a stickler with my training plan – whether it requires saying no to things, running at work during lunch, running after work and not going home before my evening plans, or such. I have to put my foot down somewhere and say that my training is too important to keep getting bumped by silly things like work (kidding). So that’s where I’m at.

When can you tell your body needs a break?