Ten random observations of Colorado (by a Minnesotan)

27 Jun

{While I’m off trekking around Alaska, please enjoy these posts from the archives and random thoughts library of Life, Really.}

–Originally posted February 21, 2008–

1. The same street can have two completely different names. On one side of the intersection, it’s South Boulder Road and on the other side, it’s Table Mesa Drive. Makes it kind of hard to follow directions.

2. They never plow the roads when you need them to and they do plow them when the snow is gone.

3. They’re not very creative with street names. The same name, for example Arapahoe, is used in any combination they can think of: Arapahoe Street, Avenue, Road, Boulevard, Circle, Square, Lane, Pathway, Alley, Sidewalk, Gutter, etc.

4. They named the road in front of our apartment Table Mesa Drive. Mesa means table in Spanish. So technically they named the street Table Table Drive. ???

5. No matter what the temperature, Coloradoans always complain about it being cold outside. It can be 65 and sunny and they’re still complaining. Try living in Minnesota for a week. That’ll shut you up.

6. There are organic, overpriced grocery stores everywhere and they’re just as big as the regular grocery stores. There are literally four in Boulder alone. I personally have not yet stepped foot in one, anywhere.

7. It must be a hoppin’ auto market out here because I see more people driving around with the registration paper taped to their back window than I do people with actual license plates. (When you buy a car and are waiting for the registration to be processed by the DMV, you put the paper in your back window…we are one of those people.)

8. People regularly drive under the speed limit. This is unheard of in Minnesota. Absolutely unheard of. Are people just happier out here? More laidback? Or maybe their feet are lighter on the gas pedal because of the higher altitude?

9. Everybody loves to talk about how the weather is so great in Colorado. Except for this winter. And last winter. And the winter before that. Well, the weather is great in theory at least.

10. I love Colorado: 300 days of sunshine…………….5 days of winter.

3 Responses to “Ten random observations of Colorado (by a Minnesotan)”

  1. Mel June 27, 2012 at 9:36 am #

    More like ten gripes about Colorado! 😉 This seems like such a different tone than you normally have.

  2. Heidi Nicole June 27, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    Gah! Yes, yes, yes! The street names make me crazy! And Jewell Ct doesn’t even have to connect anywhere near Jewell St/Ave/Blvd…its just hanging out by itself. And just because Carr St connects with Hampden AND Quincy, that doesn’t mean you can drive straight down that road…there is a bit of a golf course just hanging out in the middle.

    And I do see a lot of cars without plates but with the registration slip. Plus, my mom swears this is the one state where you see people driving around in $500 cars with $3000 bike setups on the roof rack! 🙂

  3. specialkkluthe July 8, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    @Mel – this was written when I first started my blog, and had recently moved from Minnesota, so I don’t doubt that it sounds a bit different than normal. It’s probably a result of my Minnesota pride… but I love Colorado so sorry if it sounded harsh. They were meant to be more funny observations than slams.

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