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2012 Goal Update

3 Jul

{While I’m off in Alaska reeling in some red salmon (ha, just kidding, I don’t fish!), please enjoy these random posts from the archives and random thoughts library of Life, Really.}

It’s July! My favorite month because it’s when I was born. This year, I’ll be the big 2-9. Seriously, I can’t believe I’m almost 30.

Anyway, I thought that since 2012 is half over, it’d be a good time to give an update on my goals.

Which shouldn’t take long since I haven’t made a ton of progress (but somehow this post ended up being almost 700 words…). I haven’t made a ton of progress in the past few months because marathon training kind of took over my life at the end there. Now that that’s over with (yay!), I can get back to working on these goals.

…get pregnant.

The marathon is over and the plan is in motion. Stay tuned.

…run 700 miles.

If all goes according to plan, by the time I’m doing running the marathon, I’ll be somewhere around 488 miles. Looking good for this one (as long as I don’t abandon running altogether).

…finish writing my nonfiction book.

This is the one I’ve been failing at the most. Since the mornings are the only time I have to write, and they’ve been hijacked for the last several months by sleep and running, this has gotten put on the back burner out of necessity. But once I get back from Alaska, it’s back into the morning routine! I still think finishing it this year is doable. And during this time off I’ve had, I’ve still been thinking and journaling a lot and have a deeper understanding of what I want this book to be.

…read 27 books (one more than in 2011).

Before Alaska, I had read 9 books. Hopefully after Alaska, that number will be more like 15! And now that I won’t be spending every spare waking moment running, I hope this number will increase a lot faster. I mean, 9 books in 6 months? Who am I?

…consistently track my workouts so I have accurate totals on 12/31/12!

I have been doing this! And just updated their site with some cool-looking stuff so I might not be switching from them after all…

…grow in being a loving, supportive wife to my amazing husband.

Still a work in progress on this one. I am learning to more often speak my husband’s love languages – physical touch and words of affirmation. 


And for the monthly goals…

The months that have passed

January – Forego sweets for an entire monthDone!

February – Read or listen to the entire Harry Potter book series.

I am currently on Book 5 of 7. Getting there!

March – Try Bikram Yoga. Done!

April – Finish a memory book about our first 5 years of marriage.

Haven’t started on this hardly at all. But I’m still planning to do it. Now I’ll have a bunch of Alaska memories to add too!

May – Make a time capsule for our 5-year wedding anniversary.

I have a good start on this but haven’t finished yet.

June – Run a marathon… in Alaska. Done!

I’m writing this before the race but I’m being optimistic that I crossed the finish line.


The months coming up

July – Bike 50 miles in one ride.

I can tell you right now that this 50 mile ride isn’t happening in July. Maybe September or October but not July.

August – Climb a 14er.

We’re talking about climbing Pikes Peak with some friends.

September – Complete at least one big home project in preparation for moving in 2013.

We’re thinking about several of these, including refinishing our bathrooms, painting doors and cabinets, cleaning carpets and replacing our patio. 

October – Make Pull-Apart Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread with Buttered Rum Glaze

Mmmm… how could I skip this one?

November – Make our own Christmas stockings.

Say what? Who thought this was a good idea? Oh yeah, me who got sick of looking at $3 red fake fuzz stockings from Walmart. Luckily, I think this will be a pretty easy craft.

December – Watch the movie classic, It’s a Wonderful Life

Why didn’t I make all of my goals this easy?


And there you have it! Hopefully I’ll have a more encouraging update in September… or sooner!