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Move Slower…

13 Jul

Hey friends – I’m still definitely going to tell you about my trip to Alaska but just wanted to let you know that between getting back into the routine, catching up from vacation, being crazy busy at work and really enjoying weeknights that don’t have me running around like a chicken…

My posts are going to fewer and farther between than normal.

Right now, I just need my life to move slower. I need to rest, relax, and not feel like I “have to” do anything.

Even exercise.

I tried running the other night. It was weak and pathetic.

I took that as my sign that I need more recovery time. So that’s what I’m doing – with running, and life in general.

Instead of running, I’ll walk. I’ll stop to smell my neighbor’s flowers, harvest vegetables from our garden, watch copious amounts of TV, and go to bed early.

Dont’ worry – I’ll be back… I just don’t know when. 😉