Pregnancy Update: Weeks 11-12 (Bump pics!)

24 Sep

Week 11

The secret’s out! This week, we told our extended family, church friends, Facebook friends and my blog friends. I also told the people at work I’m closest to. Every time I planned to tell someone, I got all nervous and excited beforehand. It’s big news!

In addition to my workout goal of 3x a week, this week I started trying to be more intentional with eating at least one serving of vegetables a day – whether a salad, lettuce in my smoothie, or cooked veggies with dinner. Most days, I meet that goal. I still love fruit, especially citrus, so I’ve been eating a lot of that too.

Week 11, I got a cold and my head felt congested and throbby for many days. Not fun. I also started to feel some lower back pain (possibly posterior pelvic pain). It’s the worst when I try to sit/stand up from being bent over at the waist. I plan to talk to my doctor about anything I could do to keep this from getting worse.

Travis and I started talking about names and have it narrowed down to, oh, about 15 for each gender. No big deal.

Symptoms: Sneezing, lower back pain

Cravings: Sushi (cooked), potato chips, French dressing


Week 12

On Monday of this week, I finally broke down and bought new bras, a whole cup and band size bigger. This is probably the part about pregnancy that I’m least excited about, besides the whole giving birth thing. My boobs are big enough, TYVM.

My stomach is also rounding out – no more flat days for me!


Even though I feel like it’s “too early” for me to show, I can’t really argue with reality. It is what it is.

To avoid the dreaded constipation, I’ve taken to consuming lots of apple juice and Fiber One bars (since I still can’t stand my beloved coffee). I also avoid eating cheese. That seems to make it worse.

I’ve been determined to sleep on my stomach and back for my entire first trimester but sadly, those positions are no longer comfortable for longer than 5 minutes or so (and I’d really only have a week left anyway). Side sleeping isn’t too bad when I use 2 pillows for my head (otherwise my collarbone hurts when I wake up) but it’s still not my favorite. And so it begins…

Symptoms: Crazy sense of smell!

Cravings: Chinese, waffles with peanut butter and cool whip, licorice, potatoes of all kinds (French fries, baked potatoes, potato chips, scalloped potatoes)

Weight gained: 3-4 pounds


And finally, I’m all caught up! As of yesterday, I am 12 weeks along. One more week and I’ll be in the second trimester!

2 Responses to “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 11-12 (Bump pics!)”

  1. Lisa September 25, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    You are looking great! Can’t believe you’re almost to 2nd trimester.

  2. Kathy September 25, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    Thanks Lisa! You’re too sweet. 😉

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