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Pregnancy Update: 15 Weeks

17 Oct

My biggest dilemma this week is still What to Wear. I have a handful of maternity shirts and plenty of pre-pregnancy shirts that still fit but I am down to zero pairs of pre-pregnancy pants (because for some reason, I really don’t want to buy a Bella Band) and 2 pairs of maternity pants. I do have 2-3 skirts that are fall appropriate and still fit but unfortunately all my fall/winter boots are too tight on my calves!  I don’t think that has anything to do with pregnancy weight gain – I think it’s more a lasting effect from marathon training. Regardless, I’m also on the hunt for a new pair of boots. The problem is, I am the pickiest boot buyer ever. I would say that I like about 5% of the boots that are out there. And while I like black boots on other women, I just can’t imagine myself wearing them. So I’m trying to find a flat or low-heeled camel colored pair that I like and aren’t more than $100. I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

Anyway, so there is more maternity shopping in my future this weekend, just for pants. I asked the other girl at work who’s pregnant what stores she recommends and she said Macy’s, H&M, Old Navy (the one near our work sells maternity in the store), and Kohl’s. The green Old Navy skinnies I ordered arrived yesterday but I’m not sure they’re going to work out. They’re really tight in the legs but the belly is really loose. I really thought that finding maternity pants would be easier than finding real pants – due to the elastic waistband and all – but frustratingly, that’s not the case.


M: 1.15 mile walk with pooches

Sa: Hour hike with mother-in-law

Symptoms: Still exhausted

Sleep: I’m sleeping fairly well but the limited sleeping positions have started to annoy me. Until just last night, I haven’t been able to sleep on my left side at all – after about a minute, my stomach hurts. So I’ve been alternating between my right side and my back (since my doctor said it was fine until 20 weeks). In the mornings, I usually roll over onto my stomach for a little bit too – it’s getting less comfortable but I miss sleeping on my stomach a lot. The other weird thing is that I’ve woken up several nights completely sweaty but I don’t feel hot. Maybe my dreams are freaking me out? Speaking of which…

Dreams: I’ve heard it’s common for pregnant women to have crazy/vivid dreams but the thing I notice most about my dreams is that I will have the same dream all night long. Even when I wake up and roll over, I fall back asleep to the same dream. Which is nice when it’s a good dream.

Cravings: Potatoes and potato chips, big salads with lots of dressing (at least it’s veggies!), fruit snacks (these have calmed down quite a bit)

Weight Gain: 7 lbs total (need to lay off those potato chips!)