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Pregnancy Update: 16 Weeks

22 Oct

This past weekend was the most productive one I’ve had in months. Due to Travis’ travel schedule for work and hunting seasons galore, this was the only weekend we had to move his home office before my parents come in November. Travis’ parents took the big dresser, full-size bed and elk antlers (yay!) from our guest bedroom home with them when they left last Friday. So Saturday morning, we started straight in on moving the office.

While we had the rooms emptied out, we decided it would be the perfect time to rent a carpet cleaner and try to get out some of the stains from the previous owners and our dogs. So we rented a Rug Doctor from King Soopers and went to town. We cleaned the rooms now known as the office and nursery and hallway on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning before church, we moved all of the furniture out of our living room and cleaned that carpet.

Professional carpet cleaner

All the furniture sitting in our kitchen

Travis’ new office

After church, the carpet was already pretty dry so we replaced all the furniture. Travis had to leave for a work trip by 2:45 so we quick moved all the furniture from our master bedroom to the office and nursery and after he left, I cleaned that carpet. And now I’m sleeping in the office until he comes home. 😉 But we got all the carpets in our (small) house cleaned! And let me tell you, I am SO glad we did that. It didn’t completely remove all the stains but it removed a lot of dirt. Our carpets were DISGUSTING. We should’ve cleaned them before we moved in 4 years ago, but we didn’t think about it at the time. I also discovered that a lot of dog hair can accumulate under our bed over the course of 2 years. Ew.

Since I was on a roll with all that cleaning, I also got a car wash (biggest waste of $10 ever) and vacuumed out all the dirt from elk camp, cleaned both bathrooms, gave the dogs a bath, did laundry and the dishes, and walked the dogs both Saturday and Sunday. I think I earned a night on the couch tonight.

I also went shopping for more maternity clothes after work on Friday. I bought a pair of skinny jeans and the cutest sweater from Old Navy and some way-comfy black pants from Macy’s. I expected Macy’s maternity stuff to be expensive but it wasn’t – a lot of it is Motherhood Maternity. I think I’m good on maternity clothes for a little bit now. Sadly, the fun green skinnies from Old Navy are being returned. They just didn’t fit right.

On a different note, the coolest part about pregnancy right now is that when I lay on my back, I can feel my uterus in my lower abdomen. And when I lay on my stomach (very briefly now because it’s really not that comfy), it feels like I’m laying on a ball. The Biscuit is growing!

{Side note: I found a children’s book at Walmart yesterday called Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch. I totally bought it, even though Biscuit is a dog.}


Su: 90 minute hike

M: 60 minute hike

Sa: 1.5 mile walk

Symptoms: Tiredness and a little irritability

Sleep: Most nights, I no longer have to get up to pee, which is nice. I can also sleep on both sides now – perfect timing because time on my stomach or back is fasting disappearing.

Cravings: Big salads (my salad streak has returned!), fruit snacks

Weight gain: 8 lbs total

My next prenatal appointment is a week from today. Travis is coming this time so that he can hear the heartbeat!