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Pregnancy Update: 17 Weeks

29 Oct

Sorry for another crappy bathroom photo – my photographer (Travis) was up in the mountains hunting. Only 1 more weekend and elk/deer season is over (for Travis)!

Travis left for a work trip Sunday afternoon, got home around 8 pm on Friday and left for hunting at 6 am Saturday. And since he was working 14 hour days, I got to talk to him about 10 minutes all week. I was about to have a meltdown yesterday from not seeing him so I asked him to come home early to have dinner with me. We went out to eat at El Tapitio (a Mexican restaurant) and it was absolutely wonderful getting to spend some time with my husband. I so often take him for granted but not seeing him for an entire week reminds me how I love that man.


Rewinding back to Saturday morning, I volunteered at the Kooky-Spooky 5K & 10K my good friend D was putting on with her new race company, All-Out Multisport Productions. I had to be to the race site by 5 am and it was 24 degrees outside. Brrr. I dressed warm enough though so only my hands got really cold (and then warmed up by hand warmers that D provided). I was in charge of packet pickup and late registration, and it brought back so many memories from when I worked for the triathlon company almost 2 years ago. Mostly good ones. 😉

Anyway, the race was awesome! D is an amazing race director – she thinks of everything, is very organized and doesn’t cut corners (she’s directed over 20 triathlons previously). She had about 170 athletes register, which I think is a great number for an inaugural race. There were great prizes, cool awards, burritos and chocolate milk for the athletes and volunteers, and tons of volunteers helping out. If you’re in Denver and looking for a 5K or 10K to do in December or February, definitely check out All-Out Multisport Productions. (I’ll be there volunteering too! Come say hi!) {D did not ask me to write this – they’re my own opinions.}


We had another prenatal appointment this morning and Travis came along to hear the heartbeat. It was reassuring and amazing just like last time. Our baby’s heartbeat was 160 bpm – which seems a little high according to things I’ve read but the doctor said it was right where it should be so I’m not worried. I also had blood drawn for the quad screen test. We opted to not do the sequential screening test at 13 weeks because it seemed like nothing much more came from it than being informed. But our doctor explained that the quad screen was also used to personalize the late pregnancy care and labor setup if any abnormalities were found. So we figured why not.

I finally feel like my energy is returning. It’s not an overnight difference but I can finally think about doing something besides plopping on the couch after work – like make dinner! Or even walk the dogs! My workouts this week shows that:

Su: 1.15 walk with pooches

M: 1.7 mile walk with pooches

T: 1.15 mile walk with pooches, 25 min prenatal yoga

F: 1.15 mile walk with pooches

{I plan on doing a full post about prenatal workout videos I’ve tried but I’ll just say right now that I wasn’t a fan of that prenatal video – too much talk about delivery and creating a ‘safe environment’ for my baby for my taste.}


Symptoms: Feeling emotional but with less acne! And I think I must’ve been bloated before and not known it because my belly feels smaller?!? (I’m measuring right where I should be though, not to worry.)

Sleep: No more tummy time for me. I alternate between both sides and laying on my back with a pillow under one side so I’m tilted slightly. But I’m sleeping pretty good overall.

Cravings: Ice water, soft pretzels with the fake gooey cheese (which I had at BWW on Saturday after the race – so good!)

Weight gain: 9 lbs total