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Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks

26 Nov

This is going to be a quick update because it’s been a long day. I’ll recap Thanksgiving in a separate post but just mention that we had to get up at 4:50 to make our flight this morning. And I slept horribly – it was one of those nights where you wake up every 20 minutes because you’re paranoid of oversleeping. I’m looking forward to an early night in my own bed!

My sleep this week overall was noticeably worse than previous weeks, though I’m still sleeping decently well. I just wake up a lot and sometimes lay awake thinking about random things before being able to drift off again. Even so, my energy levels are almost the same as pre-pregnancy, which makes me happy. I have lots of Christmas crafts and gifts to create and buy!

I was consistent with my workouts last week until leaving for Minnesota:

M: 1.15 mile walk

T: 1.15 mile walk, 20 min strength



Cravings: Can I say wine? I haven’t drank any (obviously) but I did buy a bottle of NA sparkling cranberry juice over the weekend. *sigh* So not the same. I’ve also renewed my love for chocolate. I have a stash of leftover Halloween candy in my office… good thing it’s almost gone.

Movement: I’m feeling movement fairly often again – the same kind I felt before (when it feels like my stomach is doing flips).

Weight Gained: 15 lbs

Favorite Moment This Week: Taking many naps

What I Miss: Wine. Sleeping on my stomach or back. Feeling thin. Doing intense workouts.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Finding out the gender TOMORROW morning! Once we announce it to all our VIPs (family), I’ll announce it here! Stay tuned…