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Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

3 Dec

22w0d 002


The belly from above

Some thoughts:

  • It’s getting harder to bend over in general as well as pull on pants. And when I do bend over, all the blood rushes to my head.
  • Many nights, I have vivid dreams related to things that happened during the day – sewing Christmas stockings, Travis working on the nursery window, Harry Potter, etc. It’s like my brain gets stuck on replay.
  • My bladder is the size of a grape. I pee pretty much every hour (when I’m drinking as much water as I should) but never very much at one time.
  • My cravings are back! Especially for salty things and any form of potatoes. I have never loved potatoes so much. I walked out of work Wednesday night and smelled French fries (how, I’m not sure). Immediately, I decided to have McDonald’s for dinner. But even with my less-than-healthy dinners, I didn’t gain at all this week — a result of being more active, I think. I gained 2 lbs the week of Thanksgiving so it was a good to have a non-gaining week and even it out.
  • I wogged 3 miles on Saturday. Between walking, slow jogging and the million stops that the dogs make to sniff/pee/poop, it took me 50 minutes. I was totally beat afterward. I think that’s a sign that 2 miles is more my speed right now.

Speaking of which, I had a very good week workout-wise:

W: 1.7 mile wog (walk/jog)

Th: 40 min strength

F: 1.7 mile wog

Sa: 3.04 mile wog

My plan right now is to exercise every weekday morning, with cardio (walk or wog) on M, W, F and strength on T and Th. I’ve been completely consistent so far!

Symptoms: A few close calls on leg cramps, but I’ve learned to stretch with my feet flexed. Still breaking out on my face (darn girl hormones!). And I feel out of breath fairly often. Sleep is decent – I have some good nights and some not-so-restful nights.

Cravings: Potatoes. Mexican Food. Ice Water.

Movement: Same as past weeks – nothing that really feels like a kick or punch.

Weight Gained: 15 lbs (same as last week)

Favorite Moment This Week: Finding out we’re having a baby girl!

What I Miss: Wine of course. And cold deli sandwiches. Having to warm the meat up is SO not the same! What I wouldn’t give for Erbert’s & Gerbert’s right now. Mmm… I told Travis “After I give birth, I want a glass of wine and a sub.” 😉

What I’m Looking Forward to: Christmas! I love this season. Baby stuff is on hold for the month of December.