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Dealcoholized grape juice

4 Dec

Last Friday on my way home, I stopped at the liquor store near our house to see if they had non-alcoholic wine. In hindsight, this was probably not the liquor store to go to for this – almost all of their wine bottles have a decent amount of dust on them and I’m not sure they’re high enough quality to be made better with age.

Anyway, they did have non-alcoholic wine. Well, technically it was called dealcoholized wine. Same thing right?


I looked around to see if there were any other options, but it was just these two. I brought them up to the register and the Asian man that is always working when I go in looked at my selection and immediately tried to discourage me from buying them by saying, “It’s no good.”

“Really? Well, I’m going to try it anyway, since I’m pregnant and desperate,” I replied.

“There’s no alcohol,” he insisted.

“I know. I’m pregnant so that’s kind of the point.”

“Ok. I only charge you for this one,” he said pointing to one of the bottles.

“You’re only going to charge me for one bottle? It’s that bad, huh?”

“I special ordered for a guy and then he moved away. It’s no good,” he explained.

“Yeah, it looks like they’ve been sitting there for a while.”

I signed the receipt for $5.91 and left with my bottles of dealcoholized wine.

I got home and opened the bottle of red. It smelled rancid.

Hesitant, I poured a small glass. It didn’t smell any better out of the bottle.

I took a sip. Ok, not as horrible as I feared. Travis smelled it. Nasty. He sipped it. It doesn’t taste as bad as it smells.

I didn’t give up right away. But after 4-5 more sips, I finally decided, This is disgusting. No self-respecting person who enjoys wine would drink this.

So I poured the bottle out.

The bottle of white is still sitting in my fridge unopened. Maybe this weekend I’ll drum up the courage to try it.

Anyway, I guess when the owner of a dive liquor store tries to dissuade you from buying something, you should listen.

Travis had asked about non-alcoholic wine at another liquor store and the owner said, “You know what non-alcoholic wine is, right? Grape juice.”