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Random Friday

14 Dec

1. The school shooting in Connecticut is devastating and tragic. My heart goes out to all those affected, especially those young impressionable kids who witnessed the shootings and the kids whose lives were ended way too soon. There aren’t words.

2. I read in a childbirth book that one way of predicting your due date is to take the day you felt your baby’s first kick and add 5 months. Though I have only felt about 2 real kicks so far, the first was on November 9. Add 5 months and you have April 9 (just 2 days past my estimated due date). Interesting…

3. Since I’m not supposed to have cold deli subs like I’m craving, I got the next best thing for lunch today: a Veggie Guacamole sub from Quizno’s. It was a 15 minute drive from work each way but so totally worth it. Made even better by a side of Salt & Vinegar chips (my absolute favorite).


4. I slept like a rock last night. Usually I wake up every couple of hours to shift positions (and drag my body pillow to the other side of me) but not last night. I probably slept in some pretty uncomfortable positions but was so completely out that I didn’t even care. And best of all, the dogs didn’t bark at the milk man for once! Usually they give us a heart attack at about 1 am (but only once a week).

5. I’m hoping to knock out quite a bit of Christmas “to-do’s” this weekend (buying and mailing presents, printing and mailing Christmas cards, etc) so that I can spend the next week and a half just enjoying the season!

6. My family has finally decided on where to go for our Florida vacation in February! We’re staying in a VRBO property in Siesta Key on the Gulf side. I’m so excited! And I’m praying that my pregnancy continues to be uneventful so that I can go. I’ll be 33/34 weeks by then! (My doctor said I could travel until 36 weeks, barring any complications.)

7. This past Monday night, Travis and I set up the crib in the nursery and hung the curtains. We’ll do more once we get the glider in there this Sunday. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you on Monday!