Christmas Festivities

23 Dec

A couple of weeks ago, I got together with some friends from church to make Christmas ornaments. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone created!

blendsgiving 001 (Large)

blendsgiving 002 (Large)My ornaments

blendsgiving 004 (Large)This past Thursday night, we went to Travis’ work Christmas party. He works for a really small company (there are 5 employees) so we had dinner at a nice restaurant. Since my maternity wardrobe is pretty limited and I didn’t really want to buy a dress just for this occasion, I just wore one of my typical work outfits. I also convinced Travis that since the dress code was semi-formal, he couldn’t wear jeans. He cleans up nicely. 😉

blendsgiving 013 (Large)

My department at work didn’t have a Christmas party this year because there has been a lot of layoffs in the past couple of weeks and no one was in the Christmas mood. There hasn’t even been any treats in the break room! Very Grinch-like.

Then on Friday night, we had a Christmas party for leaders at our church (we lead the projection/lights team). We met at the church for hors d’oeuvres and then went to Too Hot to Handel in downtown Denver.


I had been to Handel’s Messiah before and decided it wasn’t really my cup of tea, but this was a jazzy modern version of it and it was really good! We had a good time.

This morning, we had our Christmas celebration at church. I always enjoy the break from routine and hearing the adult and kids choirs sing. So fun!

Other things we’re enjoying this Christmas are our tiny little tree:

blendsgiving 005 (Large)It’s only 3 feet tall. Our ornaments don’t even all fit on it anymore!

downton abbeyMy boss let us borrow her copy of Downton Abbey Season 2. We’ve already watched 5 episodes. This show is so addicting!

What are you enjoying this Christmas?

One Response to “Christmas Festivities”

  1. Lisa December 24, 2012 at 3:02 am #

    Merry Chtistmas Kathy. I love your tiny tree. We also have a little bitty one we didn’t even put ornaments on this year. It’s still festive though. 🙂

    Several years back I got to see Handel’s Messiah at Orchestra Hall in Mpls. I was mesmerized, so I’m pretty jealous of your outing! Other things I’m loving are the Christmas food and sweets and all the special music at church ( and even on the radio). I love hearing “glory to God in highest” over the speakers as I’m shopping, running errands, etc.

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