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Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

24 Dec

25w 0dI finally caved and bought some more maternity clothes. I found another pair of jeans at the used maternity store and then found a bunch of stuff at Ross – I got 4 shirts, 2 tanks, a pair each of pants, shorts and leggings, and 2 sweaters for just under $90. It’s nice having some more options. And the maternity shorts I found for our Florida vacation were only $3! I love finding good (cute) deals.

This week also made me realize that my workouts will not be the same until after this baby comes. I did 20 minutes of Pilates on Saturday morning and could barely move that night! It didn’t feel like I was working out that hard, but I guess I was? So I’m thinking that my running jogging days might also be behind me. My morning exhaustion hasn’t made me want to go out jogging anyway. I’m perfectly content doing a video in my nice warm living room.


My workouts this week:

Su: 1.55 mile walk

T: 20 min aerobics video + 10 min prenatal Pilates

W: 1.15 mile walk

Th: 1.15 mile walk

Sa: 20 minutes prenatal Pilates + 1.15 mile walk


The most exciting thing about this past week has been that Emma is finally kicking up a storm! I feel her kick a bunch while I’m at work or sitting around, and Travis can even feel her kick from the outside. So fun! It’s a much more enjoyable feeling than the stomach churning I had before (though I’ve heard being kicked isn’t very comfortable the farther along you get).

I’m still having trouble sleeping – I don’t know if it’s that I’m not comfortable, or having weird dreams, or a combination. But it’s no fun. I am a complete zombie for the first couple of hours that I’m up each day.

Symptoms: baby kicks, acne, weird/random aches and pains

Cravings: CHOCOLATE. I have been wanting to eat sweets like there’s  no tomorrow.

Weight Gain: 17 lbs total (1 lb this week)

Favorite Moment: Feeling Emma kick!

Well, we’re off to Estes Park with some friends. Have a very Merry Christmas!!