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If she was born today…

15 Dec




Today I am 23 weeks 6 days. What would happen if our baby girl was born today?

The Tampa Bay Times just ran a 3-part special about Juniper, a baby girl born at this stage of gestation – what they call a micro preemie.

Even if you’re not a mom, or pregnant, it’s an amazing story that will make you cry.

Read it.

{I can’t help but see the pictures of little Juniper and think, “That’s what I have in my belly right now! A little human!” But I am also so very, very grateful for each day that she stays in my belly, and doesn’t have to fight for her life on the outside like Juniper.}

Random Friday

14 Dec

1. The school shooting in Connecticut is devastating and tragic. My heart goes out to all those affected, especially those young impressionable kids who witnessed the shootings and the kids whose lives were ended way too soon. There aren’t words.

2. I read in a childbirth book that one way of predicting your due date is to take the day you felt your baby’s first kick and add 5 months. Though I have only felt about 2 real kicks so far, the first was on November 9. Add 5 months and you have April 9 (just 2 days past my estimated due date). Interesting…

3. Since I’m not supposed to have cold deli subs like I’m craving, I got the next best thing for lunch today: a Veggie Guacamole sub from Quizno’s. It was a 15 minute drive from work each way but so totally worth it. Made even better by a side of Salt & Vinegar chips (my absolute favorite).


4. I slept like a rock last night. Usually I wake up every couple of hours to shift positions (and drag my body pillow to the other side of me) but not last night. I probably slept in some pretty uncomfortable positions but was so completely out that I didn’t even care. And best of all, the dogs didn’t bark at the milk man for once! Usually they give us a heart attack at about 1 am (but only once a week).

5. I’m hoping to knock out quite a bit of Christmas “to-do’s” this weekend (buying and mailing presents, printing and mailing Christmas cards, etc) so that I can spend the next week and a half just enjoying the season!

6. My family has finally decided on where to go for our Florida vacation in February! We’re staying in a VRBO property in Siesta Key on the Gulf side. I’m so excited! And I’m praying that my pregnancy continues to be uneventful so that I can go. I’ll be 33/34 weeks by then! (My doctor said I could travel until 36 weeks, barring any complications.)

7. This past Monday night, Travis and I set up the crib in the nursery and hung the curtains. We’ll do more once we get the glider in there this Sunday. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you on Monday!

Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks

10 Dec

IMG_4081_cropThis past weekend was a busy one. Friday night, Travis and I did some Christmas shopping after work.

On Saturday, I volunteered at another one of my friend’s races, the Fa La La 5K and 5M, which went well. Immediately after that, I headed home, changed and went to our church’s annual Women’s Christmas Tea. Over 200 women attended this year. It was crazy, but nice to see how the event has grown. Needless to say, I was so tired after the race that I didn’t feel much like socializing. I chatted with the ladies at my table and then went straight home afterward. After straightening things up a bit, Travis and I watched The Vow. I really liked that movie and cried quite a bit.

Sunday, Travis and I went to Panera before church. We’re trying to restart that tradition as much as we can before the baby comes. After church, we went to Babies R Us to look at carseats and strollers (Travis wanted to make sure he liked the ones I had picked out) and all the cute baby girl clothes! We bought some cute little bootie socks:

IMG_4096We’re waiting until after any baby showers to buy clothes, since that is the thing people love to buy the most (as I’ve observed from the 15 or so baby showers of friends that I’ve been to).

Then I got a prenatal massage, which was lovely. I have never liked having my feet massaged so much. After that, we worked on Christmas presents for a while (we’re making some this year) and then watched Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 1 (we’re watching the whole Harry Potter series). I, like always, fell asleep during it so I’ll have to finish it up when Travis isn’t home. Since I read the books, I already know what happens but it’s fun watching the movies anyway.

Speaking of sleep, it has gone downhill a little more this week. I have to pee at least once every night, sometimes more. There were a few nights this week when I also had to get up and eat something because I was starving. They were nights that I had light dinners though, so I just need to be more intentional about having a snack before going to bed. And another not-so-nice development is that I have this pain at the top of my belly, right where my bra hits, that feels like a bruise or muscle tear. For a while, I’d have it at night and then it would go away during the day. But now, I have it at night and during the day. I think it’s just pain from things stretching out but I’ll ask my doctor about it during my appointment at the end of the month.

I’ve also noticed that my hips start to ache after laying on my side for so long at night. I still regularly wake up to find myself either sleeping on my back or my stomach. I roll to my side right away but I think it’s my body’s way of saying “Ok, enough already” to the whole side sleeping thing. I just found out today that my glider came in so maybe I’ll try sleeping in that instead of my bed… 😉 We’re going to go pick the chair up this weekend!

Another somewhat strange thing is that I didn’t gain any weight this past week either. I guess that’s my golden ticket to eating more!


I have finally gotten into a workout routine that I can stick with! Here was last week:

Su: 1.15 mile walk

M: 1.15 mile walk

T: 30 min prenatal Pilates

W: 2 mile wog

Th: 20 min strength (Denise Austin Fit n Firm Pregnancy DVD)

F: 1.15 mile walk

It feels great to be moving on a regular basis again, even if my lack of good sleep at night makes getting up early extremely hard.


Symptoms: Belly pain, trouble sleeping

Cravings: Still deli subs, potatoes and wine. I cheated yesterday and had a non-toasted Tasty Turkey from Einstein’s. It was delicious.

Weight gain: 15 lbs

Favorite moment this week: Getting a surprise gift from Travis’ parents – a picture frame to hold an ultrasound!

What I Miss: I’m a broken record but I miss sleeping on my stomach, drinking alcohol and getting a good workout.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Getting our nursery glider and setting up the nursery more this weekend. (Ok, I know I said baby stuff would wait until after Christmas, but it’s seriously bugging me to have the room in disarray!)


Repost: The Passion of Christmas

6 Dec

I’ve been listening to Christmas songs on KOSI 101.1 and discovered that I absolutely LOVE Josh Groban. Normally, I hate vibrato in singing (like opera) but he has an amazing voice. I can’t get over it. Anyway, a song they play a lot is his version of O Holy Night. And every time it comes on, I turn it up and just soak in the lyrics. In my opinion, it is one of the best songs ever written – because it captures the meaning of Christmas so succinctly AND has an amazing chorus. I included the lyrics below.

While I was writing about Christmas song lyrics, I thought I’d repost my thoughts about Christmas from last year. Enjoy.

First posted December 24, 2011

I love listening to Christmas music – not just because it puts me in the Christmas mood, but also because it floods my heart with the meaning of Christmas. This year, I am captivated by the passion behind historical Christmas hymns. The authors of these songs exhort us to adore Christ, fall on our knees before Him, and praise His name forever. They write of a world, weary under the burden of sin and guilt, that sees a new day, filled with hope, dawn with the birth of a simple babe. The Savior has come, the catalyst of God’s plan of redemption.

I like to imagine what it would have been like the night Jesus was born. Four hundred years had passed since God has spoken to His people. But God had promised a Messiah, a Redeemer. All of Israel was waiting for the Christ. And on that night in a little town of Bethlehem, a town “too little to be among the clans of Judah,” the long-awaited Messiah was born. Humble shepherds were at work in the field, watching their flocks in the moonlight, straining to stay awake. All of a sudden, they were blinded by “the glory of the Lord” and an angel told them,

“Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord…”

So what did they do? They went “with haste” to where the angel had indicated – to Bethlehem to find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. This is what I find interesting: the Bible doesn’t say anything about them locking their sheep up first, or arranging for their care, or one of them staying behind. It seems that they just leave their flocks in the open field because they are so amazed and excited about what they were just told.

Does that go against common sense? Do I doubt that’s what actually happened?

Yes, because it seems so impractical, so irresponsible. I am challenged – what would I have done in that situation? Would I have been so consumed with responsibilities and practical concerns that I would think it foolish to abandon all and sit at my Savior’s feet? Would I be so captivated by Christ’s coming that I’d be willing to drop everything – abandon even my livelihood – and seek Him?

It’s easy to rest when there’s nothing pressing, nothing urgent. It’s easy to take a moment to breath when life’s tight grip on your schedule relaxes for an hour. But what about resting and breathing in the midst of the chaos? That’s what Christ came to bring us – His rest, a deep soul rest that can’t be touched by circumstances. What does it mean to have a deep soul rest in Christ?

Embracing the messiness of being human. Jesus Himself was born in a stinky stable surrounded by loud animals (not the serene night of perfect harmony pictured above). He slept on itchy, pokey hay and grew up as a pretty normal kid. Christ didn’t just experience what it meant to be human during His ministry. He lived his whole life as a human. He grew up with brothers and sisters as a human. He learned to walk, to talk, to laugh. He loved, he cried, he gave. “In every way he was tempted just as we are, yet without sin.” I love how Jesus embraced humanity – not just by becoming a baby (though that was big enough) but by also engaging in life. He wasn’t just alive – He lived. He didn’t view the basics of human existence as beneath Him – rather, He embraced those constraints. Instead of them getting in His way, He turned them into a source of blessing.

And all this, when He was the Son of God, the Most High, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, Author of Creation.

Pondering these truths, how can your heart not fill to bursting with the truth of Christmas?

O Holy Night (sung by Josh Groban)

O holy night!
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night
Of the dear Savior’s birth!
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appear’d and the soul felt His worth
A thrill of hope
The weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks
A new and glorious morn!
Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angel voices
Oh night divine
Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine, oh night, oh night divine

Chains shall He break
For the slave is our brother
And in His name all oppression shall cease
Sweet hymns of joy
In grateful chorus raise we
Let all within us praise His holy name
Christ is the Lord, let ever ever praise Thee
Noël, Noël
Oh night, Oh night divine
Noël, Noël
Oh night, Oh night divine
Noël, Noël
Oh, oh night, oh night divine

Dealcoholized grape juice

4 Dec

Last Friday on my way home, I stopped at the liquor store near our house to see if they had non-alcoholic wine. In hindsight, this was probably not the liquor store to go to for this – almost all of their wine bottles have a decent amount of dust on them and I’m not sure they’re high enough quality to be made better with age.

Anyway, they did have non-alcoholic wine. Well, technically it was called dealcoholized wine. Same thing right?


I looked around to see if there were any other options, but it was just these two. I brought them up to the register and the Asian man that is always working when I go in looked at my selection and immediately tried to discourage me from buying them by saying, “It’s no good.”

“Really? Well, I’m going to try it anyway, since I’m pregnant and desperate,” I replied.

“There’s no alcohol,” he insisted.

“I know. I’m pregnant so that’s kind of the point.”

“Ok. I only charge you for this one,” he said pointing to one of the bottles.

“You’re only going to charge me for one bottle? It’s that bad, huh?”

“I special ordered for a guy and then he moved away. It’s no good,” he explained.

“Yeah, it looks like they’ve been sitting there for a while.”

I signed the receipt for $5.91 and left with my bottles of dealcoholized wine.

I got home and opened the bottle of red. It smelled rancid.

Hesitant, I poured a small glass. It didn’t smell any better out of the bottle.

I took a sip. Ok, not as horrible as I feared. Travis smelled it. Nasty. He sipped it. It doesn’t taste as bad as it smells.

I didn’t give up right away. But after 4-5 more sips, I finally decided, This is disgusting. No self-respecting person who enjoys wine would drink this.

So I poured the bottle out.

The bottle of white is still sitting in my fridge unopened. Maybe this weekend I’ll drum up the courage to try it.

Anyway, I guess when the owner of a dive liquor store tries to dissuade you from buying something, you should listen.

Travis had asked about non-alcoholic wine at another liquor store and the owner said, “You know what non-alcoholic wine is, right? Grape juice.”

Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

3 Dec

22w0d 002


The belly from above

Some thoughts:

  • It’s getting harder to bend over in general as well as pull on pants. And when I do bend over, all the blood rushes to my head.
  • Many nights, I have vivid dreams related to things that happened during the day – sewing Christmas stockings, Travis working on the nursery window, Harry Potter, etc. It’s like my brain gets stuck on replay.
  • My bladder is the size of a grape. I pee pretty much every hour (when I’m drinking as much water as I should) but never very much at one time.
  • My cravings are back! Especially for salty things and any form of potatoes. I have never loved potatoes so much. I walked out of work Wednesday night and smelled French fries (how, I’m not sure). Immediately, I decided to have McDonald’s for dinner. But even with my less-than-healthy dinners, I didn’t gain at all this week — a result of being more active, I think. I gained 2 lbs the week of Thanksgiving so it was a good to have a non-gaining week and even it out.
  • I wogged 3 miles on Saturday. Between walking, slow jogging and the million stops that the dogs make to sniff/pee/poop, it took me 50 minutes. I was totally beat afterward. I think that’s a sign that 2 miles is more my speed right now.

Speaking of which, I had a very good week workout-wise:

W: 1.7 mile wog (walk/jog)

Th: 40 min strength

F: 1.7 mile wog

Sa: 3.04 mile wog

My plan right now is to exercise every weekday morning, with cardio (walk or wog) on M, W, F and strength on T and Th. I’ve been completely consistent so far!

Symptoms: A few close calls on leg cramps, but I’ve learned to stretch with my feet flexed. Still breaking out on my face (darn girl hormones!). And I feel out of breath fairly often. Sleep is decent – I have some good nights and some not-so-restful nights.

Cravings: Potatoes. Mexican Food. Ice Water.

Movement: Same as past weeks – nothing that really feels like a kick or punch.

Weight Gained: 15 lbs (same as last week)

Favorite Moment This Week: Finding out we’re having a baby girl!

What I Miss: Wine of course. And cold deli sandwiches. Having to warm the meat up is SO not the same! What I wouldn’t give for Erbert’s & Gerbert’s right now. Mmm… I told Travis “After I give birth, I want a glass of wine and a sub.” 😉

What I’m Looking Forward to: Christmas! I love this season. Baby stuff is on hold for the month of December.