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Review: Prenatal Workout DVDs

31 Jan

At long last, here’s the prenatal workout video review I said I’d do.

I’ve always enjoyed the variety that having a few good workout videos provide so over the course of this pregnancy, I’ve been on the quest to find some good prenatal ones. Below are the ones I tried. I rated them on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=would never do again, 5=awesome, bought it) with hearts instead of stars, since WordPress doesn’t give me a star option:

prenatal pilates10-Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates – ♥♥♥♥♥

I love this video – it’s actually the only one I bought out of all of these. It has 5 workouts that are each 10 minutes long, so your workout can be as short or as long as you want it to be. The 5 workouts are: Standing Pilates, Core Pilates, Pilates for Buns and Thighs, Pilates for Flexibility, and Total Body Pilates. The Standing Pilates workout is done standing up, and actually got my heart rate up nicely in the 2nd trimester (it might be a little too intense for the 3rd). The other workouts are done either laying down (on some pillows), on all fours or kneeling. The instructor is very clear and easy to follow. I really liked this video because the workouts weren’t too challenging or intense, and yet I finished feeling like I got a good workout. It might be a little easy for a 1st trimester workout, but it’s great for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

fit n firm pregnancyDenise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy – ♥♥♥♥

If you’ve ever done a Denise Austin video, you know that she’s overly peppy and enthusiastic (but not annoyingly so in my opinion) and that her instructions can be a little hard to follow the first time through. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this video. There are 3 30-minute workouts – Cardio, Strength for 1st & 2nd Trimesters, and Strength for 3rd Trimester. The cardio workout is mostly aerobics and while the moves were fairly straight-forward (walking up and back, mambo, step-touch, etc) and not particularly challenging, the workout did get my heart rate up. The strength workouts involve basic moves and show a few variations so that you can make the workout easier or harder.

The main reason why I wouldn’t buy this DVD is that you have to listen to Denise talk for about 5 minutes before you even get to the menu to select which class you want to do. You can’t even fast forward past it! Since a workout video is meant to be used over and over again, this would get very old.

yoga mamaCrunch Yoga Mama – ♥♥

This was a relaxed, slow-paced yoga video and a good upper body workout for someone like me who hadn’t been doing yoga or strength regularly for a few months. But I only gave this video 2 stars because the instructor talks a LOT about preparing for labor, connecting with your baby, etc. Since you pretty much end up memorizing what the instructor says during a workout video, I found her comments excessive and annoying. (If I wanted a labor video, I’d watch a labor video.)


Prenatal Yoga #1 (free online video) – ♥♥

This was also a very relaxed slow-paced yoga video but again, I found it to involve too much talk about labor/delivery and baby stuff. If that’s your thing, definitely check this out (it helps that it’s free and online!)

38f32ce9b2944893_prentatal-yoga-dvd.xlargerPrenatal Yoga with Desi Bartlett – ♥♥♥♥

This was my favorite yoga video out of all the ones I tried. Even though she talks about connecting the sky and the earth and other “yogi” phrases (which aren’t really my bag), it’s not excessive. She does mention how certain poses will help in labor or with your baby, but only a few times. The 40-minute routine is done mostly standing, using the warrior poses and goddess pose for the main workout. I liked that instead of completely altering a yoga routine from what a non-pregnant woman would do, Desi uses a lot of the same moves and adjusts them appropriately for pregnancy. If I wasn’t getting to the end of my pregnancy, I might be tempted to buy this video.

wk-237_1zPrenatal Fitness Fix with Erin O’Brien – ♥♥♥♥

I was very surprised by this video. First, I expected it be like any other workout video – taped professionally in a workout studio. Instead, this video looks like Erin recruited a friend who knows a few tricks with video editing to record her doing the workout in her living room. It was a little off-putting and I thought about just turning the video off, but I stuck with it and ended up really enjoying the workout. Erin is funny and talkative and keeps you entertained. The 45-minute workout consists of a warmup, cardio, strength and cool down. Out of all the prenatal workout videos I did, this was definitely the most intense workout – a little too intense for me at 26 weeks. I would recommend this to someone looking for a sweaty workout in the 1st or 2nd trimesters.

41KKWRDXE6L._SL500_AA300_Leisa Hart’s fitmama Prenatal Workout – ♥

When I first got this video from the library, I was pumped to see that there were several different workouts, including a salsa cardio routine and a yoga segment, both about 20 minutes long. But I have to say, when I tried out the yoga portion, I was very disappointed. I wasn’t a huge fan of her teaching style, the weird breathing she had us do, and the routine repeated for too long – I was ready to move on long before she did, and then the workout was over. I was so over it that I didn’t even try the other workouts (that and the video was due at the library).


There are other prenatal workouts I would like to try but these are the only ones I could check out from the library for free. And based on the lack of success I had with these, I’m glad I saved my money. I am still really enjoying the 10-minute Prenatal Pilates video though.

Have you tried any of these videos? Which prenatal workout video(s) is/are your favorite?

Trusting God in Pregnancy

29 Jan


Yesterday, I talked about the physical discomforts of being pregnant but I think one of the biggest challenges of pregnancy is not letting my mind run wild with scary possibilities. We’ve all heard stories and known women who have experienced loss, and it’s hard not to freak out about every little change or thing that is probably normal, but might not be.

When I first got pregnant, I thought that I would feel more peaceful once I was out of that first trimester window of risk. But no, I still found things to worry about.

Just recently, I had some bleeding and while it stopped on its own and Emma continued kicking around in my belly, I called and talked to a nurse (a week later) at my OB office. She was very concerned and wondered why I hadn’t called earlier. She said that she would feel better if I came in on Monday instead of on Friday, which was when my next appointment was. In the meantime, I should avoid exercise and the activity that caused the bleeding. She was very nice, and I wasn’t too concerned about it.

But then I was watching TV one night and Emma wasn’t kicking around like she usually does. I timed her kicks and technically, I felt her move 10 times in less than an hour, but some of those kicks were really weak… could I count those? What if she wasn’t ok?

Another night, I went to bed and felt nothing. No kicks. Emma always kicks as I go to bed! And my mind started racing with all kinds of very unproductive and worst-case-scenario thoughts. But I woke up in the middle of the night to her doing her standard karate chopping, so she really was fine.

I had my appointment on Monday and sure enough, everything was fine. There is an explanation for the bleeding (I won’t go into detail here) but it’s nothing to be worried about. And Emma seems to be fine – her heart rate is normal, movement is normal and good overall, I’m measuring right on track, etc. So all of that worrying for nothing. (The doctor did have me schedule another ultrasound for next Monday, just to be sure there’s not another explanation.)

Another day at work, I was just sitting at my desk and all of a sudden had horrible shooting/stabbing pain in my pelvis and belly. Like so bad I couldn’t stand up straight. It came and went for about 30 minutes. And because I hadn’t felt Emma move much throughout the morning, my mind started racing with thoughts of preterm labor and having to have a c-section at not even 30 weeks. After eating something and going to the bathroom, it got better for the most part, but I still called the nurse because Emma still wasn’t moving much. The nurse said told me to drink something sugary and lay down for an hour to count Emma’s kicks. And that as long as the pain went away and the baby was moving enough, they didn’t usually worry too much. I left work early to work from home for the afternoon and sure enough, after a glass of OJ and laying on the couch, Emma was fine. (I’ve since had more belly pains like that and I guess it’s just things stretching out down there? It’s definitely not pleasant, whatever it is! I also assume Emma wasn’t moving a ton because she was exhausted from storing up her little baby fat!)

Pregnancy continues to remind me of how not in control of things I am. I can research and worry and overthink and panic until I’m blue in the face, but what do I change with all of that? I only manage to destroy my own peace.

What I really need to do is trust God – and acknowledge that God has given me this gift of pregnancy and motherhood freely, unmerited, and I must hold it with open hands.  That’s where having an eternal perspective is critical – it reminds me that this life isn’t “it”. I can wholly surrender all of my dreams and expectations, including motherhood, because a better life is coming. And there are purposes to things that happen here that are bigger than we can presently understand.

I go back to my theme verse – “The meek shall obtain fresh joy in the LORD.” Being meek means accepting all things, even the hard ones, from God’s hand. It means not demanding that things go a certain way. I’m not saying that’s easy to do, because it’s not. But if I really want joy, real joy, I must fight to surrender.

So I’m praying for wisdom to know if/when something really is wrong, and for peace to trust that God is good and loving, no matter what happens.

Do you have a hard time trusting God for anything in your life?

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

28 Jan

30w0d30 weeks feels like a big milestone. It’s feeling more and more real everyday!

But with that excitement comes some not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms. I’m grateful to be healthy and mobile, and still think that this pregnancy is pretty smooth overall. But the pain in my pelvic/inner thigh area is getting worse. Now it feels like my hip joints are coming loose. Every time I roll over during the night or get up from sitting, I groan in pain. It hurts to lift my legs so putting pants on or drying off after a shower requires some creativity. I can only do a very slow grandma waddle and even a slight incline makes the pain worse. If the condition didn’t get worse, this would be totally bearable. I’m just a little nervous about having 10 weeks to go. Travis might have to start pushing me around in a wheelchair!

Other not-so-fun symptoms:

– acne on my face, back and chest (seriously sooo sick of this)

– acid reflux

– back pain

– swollen ankles (it’s starting…)

– sore feet

– braxton hicks contractions

– intense belly pain (apparently a form of round ligament pain)

– an increased appetite but smaller stomach (prompting many 3 a.m. snacks)

– no desire to cook, or sometimes even eat (I’m hungry but don’t feel like anything)

– CRAZY dreams (almost every night this past week, I had a full night’s dreams about something that had happened that day… people from work after a stressful day, interest rates and stocks after a meeting with our financial advisor, a package of airline peanuts Travis brought home from a work trip)

– pelvic pressure that makes it feel like I have to pee all. the. time.

– feeling out of breath/heart racing pretty often

Pregnancy is an experience, that’s for sure. But it’ll all be so very worth it and as long as I don’t have to be induced or go on bed rest, I’m a happy camper.

It helps that I have a lot to look forward to in the next couple of months. Or else it would feel like a very loooong 10 weeks.

This past weekend, Travis and I didn’t have anything scheduled so we tried to finish up some projects and chores around the house, spent Saturday afternoon lazing around and walking our dogs to the dog park, went to Zero Dark Thirty Saturday night (it was good!), and had movie night with friends last night. I had good intentions about blogging – there’s a draft just waiting to be published – but it didn’t happen. Hopefully I’ll post more this week. I actually have stuff to talk about!

Last Tuesday night, I went to a breastfeeding class. It was helpful, albeit a bit awkward to practice holding a baby to your chest with a bunch of men around. The only class we have left now is CPR and First Aid, which we rescheduled to take in March.

Travis finished the window in the nursery finally so everything in there is set, except for some pictures on the wall and a small table for next to the glider. I like to just stand in the doorway and imagine what it’ll feel like to have a real baby to put in there!


My workouts last week:

Su: 1.55 mile walk

M: 1.15 mile walk

T: 20 min prenatal yoga

W: 1.15 mile walk

Sa: 30 minute walk

As evidenced by all the walks I take, my dogs serve as my main motivator for exercise. Otherwise it would be very pitiful.


Symptoms: See above

Cravings: Anything sweet, specifically frozen yogurt

Weight gained: 1 lb this week (21 lbs total)

Rings on or off: On, but sometimes tight in the morning

Belly button in or out: Starting to poke out!

Stretch marks: None

11 days until I fly to Minnesota for my baby shower! And only 20 days until we leave for Florida! I can’t wait!

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

22 Jan

20130120_091643We had our second (and final) childbirth class last Saturday. I am so glad we took the class. We learned a lot about the practices specific to the hospital and got to tour the labor/delivery and postpartum rooms. I am very excited to give birth there. Just 11 short weeks away! (give or take)

We also had a newborn care class last Thursday night. It was very informative, and we got to practice giving a doll a bath, changing its diapers, and swaddling.

Emma is definitely moving more often throughout the day and really gets going at night. Last night, I woke up around 4:30 and she was going crazy in there! I love it though. I’m so excited to meet her!

One more weekend left in January and then we’re into February – and it’s going to go fast because I have something going on every single weekend. The first weekend, I’m volunteering at my friends’ race and then it’s Super Bowl Sunday. The next weekend, I’m flying to Minnesota for a baby shower. The next weekend, we fly to Florida. And the last weekend in February, we come back from Florida. It’ll be a whirlwind but a fun one!


My workouts last week:

Su: 1.15 mile walk

M: 40 minutes prenatal yoga

W: 1.34 mile walk

Sa: 1.15 mile walk


Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, back pain, acne (SO ready for this to go away), still some pelvic/inner thigh achiness

Food cravings: ICE CREAM, also loving Mexican

Weight gained: 20 lbs total (no gain this week)

Belly button in or out? In, but very flat

Stretch marks? None so far!

Wedding rings on or off? On

Goal for 2013: Thanksgiving

17 Jan

gratitudeI’ve been thinking about the year ahead and what I want to focus on, and I keep coming back to Thanksgiving. Since reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp a year ago, I have seen what an amazing difference being thankful for God’s blessings makes in my experience of joy.

It keeps me focused on What Is, instead of What Should Be.

It reminds me that because of God’s intimate involvement in my life, my cup can always be full.

It satisfies me with God’s goodness (Jeremiah 31:14).

It enables me to love and serve others from a place of abundance and contentment, giving new meaning to ‘natural overflow.’

It highlights the grace that God provides even in hard situations and challenges.

It turns to me the ultimate thing to be thankful for, the reason why I have God’s favor and not His wrath – Christ’s death in my place and resurrection to eternal life.

Despite of all these benefits, it’s hard to remember to give thanks. Left to my own devices, I always run back to being consumed with The Way Things Should Be, which is really just me saying that The Ways Things Are isn’t good enough. Whether those ideas of ‘should’ are born from discontent with all that God freely gives, or an attempt to make my life conform more to the Christian ideal, they all lead to the same place: Guilt. Condemnation. Bondage.

Giving thanks for the reality of life is the freedom from that.

In giving thanks, I recognize God’s sovereignty in my life. I rest in the knowledge that He has created me to be who I am, given me the life that I have and provides sufficient grace for all that He calls me to. Who am I to say that things should be different?

Really, thanksgiving paves the path to contentment in God, and enables the full living of life in the moment, no matter what that reality entails.

So to practice thanksgiving regularly in 2013, I’m taking Ann Voskamp’s idea of writing down 1,000 gifts and tweaking it a bit.

My one goal is to write down one thing each day that I thank God for.

I plan to write it down at the end of the day or first thing the next morning, when I can reflect back on the day and be reminded of the ways God blessed me.

“For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer.” (1 Timothy 4:4-5)

Shot Debaucle

16 Jan

At one of my prenatal appointments a month or two ago, the midwife recommended that I get a Tdap vaccine during my third trimester, since it passes on the immunity to the baby in utero. They also said that anyone who is going to have contact with the baby should get the shot. So I scheduled an appointment for both me and Travis with the Jefferson County Health Dept (where the midwife told me to go). The earliest opening they had was 3 weeks out from when I called, which was last night.

Our appointment was at 5:30 so I got home around 5:20 and expected Travis to be ready waiting by the door. For various reasons, he wasn’t ready and we didn’t end up leaving our house until 5:30. I hate being late so I was already crabby. Then, it was a challenge finding the building in the dark so we didn’t end up getting there until 5:45, by which time I was completely bent out of shape. I don’t know why it didn’t register earlier, but since this is the public health clinic, appointment times are just for show. The waiting room was full of people, which surprised me since we were the last appointments of the day. We checked in and discovered that they didn’t accept United Healthcare insurance (what?). Travis has additional insurance through his work (Anthem), which they did accept. So my shot would be about $15, and his would be free. Fine.

Then we sat in the waiting room for an hour. I was reading Us magazine so didn’t really mind but Travis got on the phone and found out that Walgreen’s offers the same shot, they accept United Healthcare, and United would cover all of it. There were still a few people in front of us, so we told the receptionist that we were leaving, she gave us the stink eye (you’re mad that you get to leave earlier?), and drove over to Walgreen’s.

The pharmacist was really friendly and while they didn’t have any flu shots for Travis (which I don’t think is critical anyway, since Emma won’t arrive until after flu season, and Travis works from home), they did have the Tdap vaccine. Within 15 minutes, our insurance had been processed, paperwork filled out, shots administered, and we were on our way out the door.

I won’t turn this post into a political rant but I will say that I am very grateful for health insurance, and being able to go to a private clinic that is efficient and friendly.

And if you’re looking to get your Tdap vaccine, go to Walgreen’s.

Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

15 Jan

28w 0dI’m officially in the third trimester now! WOW.

Our first childbirth class on Saturday went well. I didn’t really learn anything new (since I’ve been reading up on the whole birth thing trying to figure out my desired approach) but it was helpful to practice relaxation techniques with Travis. We have the class again next Saturday and we get to tour the hospital, which I’m excited for.

On Sunday, we made some more progress on the nursery – we hung up the shelves that we bought at Ikea and I bought some picture frames for the wall. I’m also on the hunt for a poster to go in a frame I already have and think I decided to buy this one after Emma is born. So freakin’ cute. I’m a sucker for anything with birds.

Yesterday, I finally bought a maternity swimsuit for our Florida trip, a pair of maternity yoga pants and a cute ruffly tank from Target to hopefully wear for maternity pictures and a baby shower. I’m planning to ask my brother to take some maternity pictures for us while we’re down in Florida. I’m assuming he’ll say yes. 🙂 (I wasn’t sure if I wanted pictures or not, and this way they’re free! We’ll save our money for baby pictures.)

As far as the pregnancy itself goes, I’ve been having A LOT of Braxton Hicks contractions this week. Like probably one an hour on average. They don’t hurt but they are noticeable – it’s like my stomach gets really upset for a minute or so. Which makes me wonder that maybe what I thought was Emma moving back during weeks 15-18ish were really Braxton Hicks? Because it’s the exact same feeling, and completely different from her kicking. Kicking is a good sensation! A contraction is not.

I also think Emma went through a growth spurt because I’ve been having a lot of round ligament pain in my lower belly, I feel like my belly is HUGE this week, and I gained 2 lbs in a week, which hasn’t been the trend.

Last week’s workouts were pretty much non-existent, due to our trip to MN. I’m back on it this week.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions, increased body temp (yay!)
Food cravings: Chocolate, FROYO, ice cream
Weight gained: 20 lbs total (2 lbs this week)

Back at it

11 Jan

We’re back from Minnesota. It was a good trip. The Focus got us to Minnesota, we stayed in a nice hotel on Tuesday night in Grand Island, Nebraska, and I got to re-meet a lot of Travis’ relatives that I briefly met at our wedding (and couldn’t remember…). As far as traveling while pregnant, my only complaint is that I need my own bed and body pillow to sleep decently well. After 10 hours of sleep last night, I’m still pooped today. It was worth it though. (Now I just have to figure out how to bring my body pillow to Florida…)

I finally had a stranger comment on me being pregnant! We were at the airport going through security and the guy behind me was like, “Whoa, so are you like due really soon?” I told him I was due in April and he said, “So you can tell your kid that you took them through airport security.” Yep. It’s not the first time, and (if all goes according to plan) it won’t be the last.

Tomorrow is our first childbirth class! We’re both really excited, but bummed that it will overlap with the Broncos playoff game. We’ll still be able to see the end of it though, so at least we won’t miss the whole thing. (And worse case, we could just DVR it.)

Anyway, have a great weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with a third trimester pregnancy update!

Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

8 Jan

27w 0dLast week of the 2nd trimester! My due date was 3 months from yesterday. So exciting!

I took my glucose test last Thursday morning and got the results back Friday afternoon. My glucose and hemoglobin levels are normal, meaning I don’t have gestational diabetes or anemia. I was very glad to hear that! So I’m pretty much back to normal with my eating and exercise habits. I’ll do a post soon about how it’s going eating intuitively while pregnant. I also have a post in the works about the prenatal workout videos I’ve tried.

My back had been hurting a lot at night until I discovered that when I was laying directly on my side, I’d end up tilting slightly backward while I was sleeping – putting my back at a very awkward, painful angle. As soon as I started intentionally tilting slightly forward onto my body pillow, my back stopped hurting. I’ve also tried putting my arm behind me, instead of laying on it. At first, I thought it would be horribly uncomfortable but it gives my poor cramped collarbone a nice break.

So my sleep this past week has been pretty decent. I still wake up every hour or two to switch sides, and I still have some crazy dreams, but overall, it’s not too bad. I do lay on my back for a minute or so every once in a while and it’s like sinking into a cup of warm pudding. Ahhh…

I’m flying back to Minnesota for my baby shower the weekend of February 9 & 10 and just bought my plane ticket this past week. It was only $150! That is the best ticket price we’ve seen in years, maybe ever, from Denver to Minneapolis. And it’s on Southwest, which means I get to check 2 free bags (for bringing gifts back)! I’m so excited.

We’re actually making another impromptu trip to Minnesota today for a reason that’s not so happy – Travis’ grandma passed away and we’re going to back for the visitation and funeral, which are Wednesday night and Thursday morning. We’re driving our old Focus back to give to Travis’ brother and then we’re flying back to Denver on Thursday night. It’ll be a short trip, but I’m glad we can make it.


My workouts for last week:

Su: 1.15 mile walk

M: 40 minutes Prenatal Fitness Fix video

T: 1.55 mile walk

Th: 30 minutes elliptical

F: 1.15 mile walk

Sa: 1.15 mile walk

My pelvic/inner thigh pain was ridiculous on Friday – I assume from doing the elliptical (since your legs are going different directions the whole time, which I’ve read aggravates this kind of pain). I had to jog across the road as a car was coming on my walk with the dogs Friday morning and that solidified that my pregnant jogging days are over. I’m going to stick to walking, workout videos, and hopefully start doing some swimming (need to buy a suit first). I am enjoying this whole “light intensity exercise” thing but I’m really looking forward to getting back into running!


Mixing it up a bit this week…

Maternity clothes? Pants are all maternity, except for a few pairs of workout/pajama pants. Tops are 90% maternity – I still have a few pre-pregnancy tops that are long enough, and I still wear my cardigans.
Stretch marks? None
Symptoms: Pelvic/inner thigh pain, some heartburn, backache
Best moment this week: Went to Ikea (for the first time in Denver) and bought gray shelves for the nursery
Miss Anything?  sleeping on my stomach/back, wine, running
Movement: Lots of kicking! Mostly in the middle of the night
Food cravings: Chocolate still! There’s a box of chocolates sitting in my hall at work and I probably eat at least 3 a day. So hard to resist!
Weight gained: 18 lbs total (1 lb this week)
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: No labor signs, but I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions during the night
Belly Button in or out? It’s getting flatter every day
Mood: Frequently annoyed at the world over little stuff, but overall, I’m happy and excited
Looking forward to:  Childbirth classes starting this weekend
What I am NOT looking forward to: Having the pelvic pain get worse, 13 more weeks of sleeping on my side
Milestones: Last week of the 2nd trimester!

Sewing Adventures

3 Jan

Last Saturday, I didn’t have anything going on and since it was pretty much the last open weekend we have until March, I decided it was the perfect time to finish my sewing projects.

First up was redoing Travis’ Christmas stocking and making Emma’s. I am happy to say that these stockings went MUCH smoother than the last ones and I am a LOT better at using the sewing machine. Funny how practicing something makes you better at it.

Though they’re still not perfect, my OCD self is very pleased with how these turned out.

blendsgiving 026 (Large)I think Emma’s stocking (in the middle) is the cutest. I’d be tempted to claim it as my own if she weren’t my daughter.

blendsgiving 027 (Large)Next up was the crib skirt for the nursery. I unfortunately can’t find the blog tutorial I used to get the general idea of how to make this crib skirt, but there are a lot of them out there. And since I am possibly the least qualified person to explain how to make this, I will leave it to others.

I’ll just say that I cut a white rectangle of fabric to go under the mattress, and then sewed 4 other rectangles of 2 different sizes to the edges (after hemming the exposed edges first). There are brackets on each corner of the crib that hold the metal springy thing (what the mattress sits on) in place and they interfere a bit with how the crib skirt falls. If I were to do this again, I might look into just tacking 4 pieces of fabric directly to the crib, instead of sewing them all together (there are tutorials for that too). BUT, since my sewing skills have dramatically improved over the past couple of months, I am thrilled with how this crib skirt turned out.

blendsgiving 024 (Large)My last sewing project for yesterday was to cover a pillow for the glider. Again, I will spare you the tutorial, since I got the whole thing done and it was twice as wide as it needed to be. It was a simple fix – I just cut it in two and sewed those edges. And I ended up with 2 pillowcases for the effort of 1! (Though I’m not sure I need 2.)

blendsgiving 022 (Large) And here is how the nursery looks with all of the chevron pattern together:

blendsgiving 025 (Large)That’s a lot of zig zags. But I love it.

I also love being able to put my sewing machine away for another year! 😉 Sewing, for me, is a means to an end. I don’t sew for fun. I sew to save money and still get what I want. And I’m happy to say I accomplished that.

(If for some reason, you’re really interested in how I made these, email me and I’ll let you know.)