Shot Debaucle

16 Jan

At one of my prenatal appointments a month or two ago, the midwife recommended that I get a Tdap vaccine during my third trimester, since it passes on the immunity to the baby in utero. They also said that anyone who is going to have contact with the baby should get the shot. So I scheduled an appointment for both me and Travis with the Jefferson County Health Dept (where the midwife told me to go). The earliest opening they had was 3 weeks out from when I called, which was last night.

Our appointment was at 5:30 so I got home around 5:20 and expected Travis to be ready waiting by the door. For various reasons, he wasn’t ready and we didn’t end up leaving our house until 5:30. I hate being late so I was already crabby. Then, it was a challenge finding the building in the dark so we didn’t end up getting there until 5:45, by which time I was completely bent out of shape. I don’t know why it didn’t register earlier, but since this is the public health clinic, appointment times are just for show. The waiting room was full of people, which surprised me since we were the last appointments of the day. We checked in and discovered that they didn’t accept United Healthcare insurance (what?). Travis has additional insurance through his work (Anthem), which they did accept. So my shot would be about $15, and his would be free. Fine.

Then we sat in the waiting room for an hour. I was reading Us magazine so didn’t really mind but Travis got on the phone and found out that Walgreen’s offers the same shot, they accept United Healthcare, and United would cover all of it. There were still a few people in front of us, so we told the receptionist that we were leaving, she gave us the stink eye (you’re mad that you get to leave earlier?), and drove over to Walgreen’s.

The pharmacist was really friendly and while they didn’t have any flu shots for Travis (which I don’t think is critical anyway, since Emma won’t arrive until after flu season, and Travis works from home), they did have the Tdap vaccine. Within 15 minutes, our insurance had been processed, paperwork filled out, shots administered, and we were on our way out the door.

I won’t turn this post into a political rant but I will say that I am very grateful for health insurance, and being able to go to a private clinic that is efficient and friendly.

And if you’re looking to get your Tdap vaccine, go to Walgreen’s.

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